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Turn Signal on steroids

Discussion in 'DIY (Do-It-Yourself)' started by rich235, Apr 17, 2010.

    rich235 guest

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    My left turn signal decided to blink at twice the rate as normal recently and the dash icon showed a "Light" in the position of the left front headlight. Its done this a few times and when I checked the headlights, high and low, turn signals, etc., I cant find any burned out bulbs?

    Would anyone have an idea of whats causing this phantom? ITs fine now, happens every few weeks lately.


    Rich Audette
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    Replace the left front turn signal lamp AND its socket. This is a common and inexpensive repair. When the contacts become corroded, increased resistance causes the rapid flash rate and possibly a lamp-out indication, even if it still appears to work. The socket is an inexpensive part (about $10) designed for easy replacement.

    Removing the turn signal housing to gain access is a simple job. Ther should be an access hole in the top edge of the fender, a few inches aft of the turn signal, through which you release a retaining catch using a long screwdriver. Unfortunately I be more specific because you have an LCI or "facelifted" model--slightly different from my '01--and the mounting might be slightly different. I'd hate to give you instructions that work on early E46's but break something on yours. :)

    Reinstallation should be a simple matter of lining up the housing and pushing it back into the fender until it clicks. The socket simply twist-locks into the housing, as does the lamp in the socket.

    PS: If by some bizarre chance this does not fix it, replace the side-marker lamp as well. It's on the same monitoring circuit.

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