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Tires - '06 530i (Run Flat or Regular)

Discussion in 'E60 (2004-2010)' started by dmcdaniel, Jan 21, 2009.


Is the cost of RF tires justified vs. regular tires for a '06 530i w/ Sports Package?

Yes - The reliability, saftey and performance is well worth the extra $170+ per tire. 4 vote(s) 16.0%
No, save your money. (If you vote no, please make a recommendation.) 21 vote(s) 84.0%
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    I also had the run-flat Dunlops (factory provided) on our 2008 535Is and just put on four new Kuhmos. They are a vast improvement over the harsh riding run-flats and I'm very pleased with their low noise level and performance. I would never by another set of run-flats. Especially since I have a spare from the factory. Why would I need them? Go with a HP radial of your chosing and don't look back.
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    This topic has come up in the e60 forum site. I think you'll find the same sentiment. Run-flats are harsh after a couple thousand miles and are not forgiving. Regular tires are softer, stickier, and can be repaired. They are also a hell of a lot cheaper. Best summer tires Michelin Pilot Sport PS2, and best winter tires Bridgestone Blizzaks.

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