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Tire Pressure Sensors Run Flat Tires.

Discussion in 'Wheels & Tires' started by bobgto, Oct 14, 2013.

    bobgto guest

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    How come when my front tires were 8 psi low and the back tires were 10 psi low I did not get a low pressure warning? I know the Owners manual says it will warn for significant pressure lost.I would think 8-10 psi would be significant. Maybe it needed to be reset for some reason. I have a 08 335i with run flat tires 225/40-18 front,255/35-18 rear. I aired them up and some of the road noise went away,but still has some slight road noise, typical of run flats. I won't be using them the next time around.
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    steven s

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    Does it use an actual tire pressure sensor or just comparing one wheel to another using the ABS sensors as my '03 Mini?
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    Terry Sayther

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    The tire pressure warning system on most cars will not register an even pressure drop in all tires. It senses when one tire diameter is significantly different from the others.
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    Terry is correct when there is a equal pressure drop the sensors in the tire think it just related to a temperature drop. The tpm system is meant for loss of pressure in one tire, make sure after you fill your tires you reset the system.

    bobgto guest

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    Thanks for the Info. I did reset the tire system.

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