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Thrust & Control Arms

Discussion in 'E34 (1989-1995)' started by wear, Nov 16, 2011.

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    Does anyone know if any particular brand of these items hold up better than others. I have been told this model (E34) has small pivot points and that's why they wear out so soon; about every 2 years for me. I would like to find longer wearing parts! Any suggestions? I have not been on the site for a good while. What is the address for tech questions?
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    I think you have your question in the appropriate area, it's relatively model-specific. I think Lemforder is the recommended brand. Not sure why you might be seeing short life spans, but perhaps make sure all other related important parts/things are in order. Unfortunately, the front suspension on these 5ers have a multiplicity of parts, it may be that you have other worn parts and just replacing what you have isn't enough to ensure a longer lifespan. Of course, if your daily driving is all heavily potholed roads or some-such, extra wear perhaps might not be so much of a surprise. I'd tend to think that if you have a good alignment, properly sized wheels that aren't bent or out-of-round & properly balanced, and have addressed all worn front suspension components, you should be seeing a lifespan more like in excess of at least 60k, if not 100K+. Don't forget to check your steering box condition/play/adjustment, plus the shocks/struts/strut mount/bearings, and anything else tied into the front suspension functioning.

    This site mentions an 8-pc. kit, with heavier-duty 7-series bushings. Just something I googled up, can't speak for the quality of the components or anything else -

    FCP Groton 8pc. Control Arms Kit

    The Pelican site lists aluminum arms - unless your 5er is a race car, I can't imagine aluminum offers any lifespan advantage over the steel; yes, they obviously weigh less, but that's of nominal importance on a street-driven car, & the Lemforder aluminum arms are a good bit more expensive than the Lemforder steel ones.

    Pelican Parts.com

    Some info (I think the page is old enough that the prices may be way outdated) -


    You might also want to direct your question to the Roundel's Mike Miller.
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    This is a weakness on E28s as well. IMO, it's not the size of the points, but the design of the voided rubber bushing and its flex range that does it in. They'll also get cooked by the exhaust manifold on the right side if the little sheetmetal shield is missing. Finally, improper installation (torquing them with the suspension unloaded instead of loaded) will do them in quite quickly. Lemfoerder and Meyle are the two most popular OE replacements. The modified 750i bushings are well regarded and urethane inserts, although somewhat harsh, are good as well.

    As for the aluminum arms,, BMW went to aluminum on the E34 in apparent attempt to impress everyone. They offer no measurable advantage over the ferrous ones.

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