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Thoughts from Chicago Auto Show

Discussion in 'E46 (1999-2006)' started by jituji70, Feb 21, 2009.

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    Despite the economy, the Chicago Auto Show was as busy as ever. I do appreciate the organizers keeping the ticket prices down over the years. Overall, the show was a bit gloomy and there weren't a lot of spectacular concept cars out there. My kids really enjoyed the life size Bumblebee, which seemed to draw quite an attraction. My favorites were divided into Bimmers and non-bimmers...naturally, and I was surprised at my own reactions to some of the cars out there.

    From the bimmer side, I can't suppress my love for the new M3. The sedan was impressive, but if I ever get one, it will likely be the coupe (which, btw, had steel top with moonroof at the show...not my choice). 335d had the updated look and the option list did not include M body kit, but it looked a lot better than in some of the pictures I've seen. Would have been nice to hear the engine, but wouldn't want people to pass out from CO poisoning! The new 7 was less than impressive, in my mind, but the opposite was true, IMHO, of the new Z4. I think the downplay of the flame surfacing and the sharper "shark nose" really works. I really feel that the hard top convertible is the wrong way to go, but that seems to be a permanent trend these days (why not just keep the cloth top and make a real coupe for those of us who want it?). I still don't get the X6...even my 70 yo, die hard american dad loved the X5 (it was the only non-american truck he liked). 1 series is pretty nice overall, but I'm definitely keeping my 325i until somehow, someway I can get the new M3 (maybe I'll end up with a "n"th gen electric M3 someday?!?!?)

    Non-bimmers: I really like the CTS and the overall direction that Cadillac is headed...maybe GM should downsize to only Caddy, Corvette, and maybe Buick, which seems to sell well in China. Hyundai Genesis...it's ok, but not for me...commercial is pretty funny, though. Hopefully my parents will win one in the raffle. Audi is pretty, more appealing to me and I think a better alternative than a Benz if someone wants to jump the bimmer ship.

    Hard to absorb it all at once, though. I'm just glad that so many auto makers showed up.

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