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Discussion in 'Member Introductions' started by Terry Sayther, Aug 29, 2013.

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    Terry Sayther

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    Whyever did it take so long to get here? Well, my son Duncan is now running Terry Sayther Automotive, so I have more minutes to spare! Yea!

    I started working on BMWs in 1978, BMW CCA member since about 1981, CCA Technical Service Advisor for about 30 years---I'm now Senior Tech Service Advisor just because I've lived longer than the others.

    I collect old BMWs----I have a 1932 AM4, a '55 502 hot rod under construction, a '58 502 that we raced in three La Carrera Panamericana Mexican road races, a '59 600, a '60 700, a '66 BMW 1600GT, a '69 2002 we call Frankenstein [S52 engine and susp], a '71 3.0 CSL [with S38 M6 engine], 2 Baur Cabrio 2002s [one with s14 engine], a '74 2002 Vintage racer, a '79 M1 project car, an '89 e30 Touring [with S54 and 6sp], and probably some more that I can't remember. Don't let me find any more, please.

    What else should I tell you?
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    too cool - welcome to the forums Terry!
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    Welcome to the forums and great list of cars!
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    Hi Terry. Nice to have you here and it was good seeing you both at Oktoberfest.

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    steven s

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    Glad you came to the other side. :)
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    Satch SoSoCalifortified

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    So... you got the La Carrera car back?! Good on ya, lad!

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