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Suspension for a E30

Discussion in 'E30 (1984-1993)' started by Rickbee, Apr 6, 2010.

    Rickbee guest

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    I just purchased a replacement suspension for my E30 325 and am kinda wondering how much to expect the cost for labor to be for front and back.
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    Ok, I'll bite

    How much suspension did you buy? Shocks, bars, braces, bushing ect, full kit, what level of performance, stock replacment, level of performance???

    Here in lovely Washington DC, the labor at one of the better non stealerrship shops with a qualified BMW mech charged me 1K for installation of bilstein shock and a alignment job.

    Of course everyone knows lots of crooks live in DC!

    Zdaneman sends
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    That is a LOT of money.

    I got charged about $650 to install:
    Bilstein Sport shocks 4 corners
    H&R Sport springs 4 corners
    Shock mounts 4 corners
    Brake rotors 4 corners
    Brake pads 4 corners

    The $650 included tax.
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    John in VA

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    This is the kind of work you could knock out at a couple of the DIY tech sessions offered by the NCC. The club has the special tools that might be needed, and experienced helpers.
    I wish I knew you were looking for parts - I have E30 M3 springs (drops it about 1") and Bilsteins from our E30.
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    John in VA


    I'll keep you in mind...I might be able to use the springs in the not so distance future.

    Zdaneman sends

    z31maniac guest

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    Do it yourself, it's not difficult. Go rent a spring compressor from Autozone/Oreilly's and get after it.

    Part of the economy of an old car is working on it yourself. The only work I ever paid for on an E30 was having the subframe mounts and RTABs done, because its a pain.

    jeanm guest

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    I agree, these cars pretty much require having a Bentley manual and some tools to DIY :)

    OdSkE30 guest

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    Seems a little steep. I had basically the same done with those exact parts for bout $400. But I'm sure you'll love the new shock/spring set up! Feels just right on my '84 325.

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