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Sunday afternoon roadster upgrade

Discussion in 'E85 Z4 (2002-2008)' started by myronm, May 29, 2011.

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    Time to make some changes to my '05 Z4 2.5L roadster.

    Finally got around to ordering an aFe intake from Bavarian Autosport last week. Had it shipped to my dealership to avoid questions from my better half. For $318, I now have a sound under my hood that reminds me of my 40DCOE's from years ago.

    Install took about 15 minutes. Super easy. Stock airbox comes out before you know it. Two bolts, couple of clips and it's on the shelf in my garage. The aFe kit goes together quickly. Four screws hold the machined aluminum filter mount to the heat shield. Two bolts and a nut secure the heat shield to the car. Two clips hold the AFM reusing the stock gasket. Slip the oiled cone filter onto the mount. Tighten the big hose clamp with a socket wrench. The entire assembly is then covered with a stamped aluminum cover.

    I then did the required road test. Bavarian motor music on the open road!

    I can't say if I really gained any hp, I'd like to believe the advertisement, but the sound at redline brought back memories of laps at Bridgehampton from years gone by.

    Next - real tires & some Bilsteins.


    Myron M
    Fort Worth, Texas

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