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Stock vs afterrmarket brake pads and rotors

Discussion in 'DIY (Do-It-Yourself)' started by Walt Belinsky, Jun 2, 2008.

    Walt Belinsky guest

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    I'm always skeptical when I hear about aftermarket dealer's assurances as to performance equal to or better than the original equipment.

    The stock rotors are spin-balanced at BMW after the OEM manufacturer (Brembo, Ate, Balo, etc.) ships them to BMW. BMW shaves metal off the rotor to achieve the proper balance. There is a year warranty if the rotors warp as a result of suspension issues.

    The aftermarket dealers are almost as expensive, and attach less valuable warranty terms and conditions with their products. Some manufacturers claim to spin balance their rotors, but they may use less reliable processes to achieve the proper balance.

    Any comments ?
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    I've found in DIY stuff over many years with BMW no difference between BMW rotors and OEM.
    Ask about brake pads and everyone has an opinion. Stock BMW does the job, quiet, easy to apply, work wet, cold, hot, whatever - for street driving. They're also usually unbelievably dirty, requiring a wheel washing almost daily.
    I use aftermarket pads and I leave it to others to join the conversation with their favorite. Everyone has one.

    McCandless guest

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    Installed Axxis Deluxe pads on new Brembo rotors about a month ago. Bedded them in with a dozen 80 to 20 mph "panic" slow downs. No problems at all. No shake, no shimmy, and the pedal feel is only very slightly harder upon initial application. As soon as they heat even slightly, the pedal effort is the same as the OEM pads as near as I can tell. And best of all. Almost NO DUST!!!! In fact, now the rear wheels get dirty BEFORE the fronts!

    jesimmons guest

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    I swapped out the stock BMW pads at all 4 corners for Axxis Deluxe Advanced on my new 535i after only 1000 miles. They perform very well. Don't bite quite as hard as stock pads, but they stop fast with only slightly more pedal pressure. I'm very satisfied. And virtually NO dusting. I'll trade the cold bite for the dust any day. :)

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