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Sticky Throttle

Discussion in 'E39 (1997-2003)' started by 190796, Nov 20, 2008.

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    The accelerator on my 1999 528i wagon is sticky. Maybe notchy? It sticks such that adding a small amount of additional pressure doesn't move the pedal. Adding more pressure until it moves ultimately works but I am pushing so hard the car lurches forward.

    If this were the old days I would suspect the cable was dry and I would pull it out and oil it. I don't suppose it could be this simple?

    Thanks as always community!
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    That was the problem with my E30; I replaced the cable and it's absolutely perfect now.

    BUT, does the E39 have a cable? I thought it was "drive-by-wire" or whatever you call it?

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    If it were my guess, I'd say its a dirty throttle body, causing the plate to stick shut.

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    Easiest item is the TB. Check it for free movement under the hood. You might want to temporarily disconnect the throttle cable while you do this (yes we still use cables in these cars - E46 stated the stupid throttle by wire thing). A minor item would be sticking with the pedal. Make sure there is nothing impinging on the gas pedal (like carpeting). Lastly, the cable. Either it got weather in it and is stuck up, or it got "smushed" somehow and is binding. Replace it or "unsmush" it if you can.

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