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Stainless Steel Clutch Lines

Discussion in 'DIY (Do-It-Yourself)' started by SDKmann, Jul 7, 2009.

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    You two are a riot.

    You both should know that Pure Connecticutâ„¢ blinker fluid is 100% track tested, and DOT approved. AND, on top of that, is of lower price than BOTH of your fake blinker fluid homogulations. :rolleyes:
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    oh that's a buncha bull :D [IMG] [IMG]

    SDKmann guest

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    Haha, if only I knew what I was going to start.

    I recently converted my car to use nothing but Iowan E85 Ethanol blinker fluid. Its the latest in the line of barnyard derivative blinker fluids, eclipsing the previous dairy breakthrough in Wisconsin.
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    Brian A

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    Yeah, posting on the BMWCCA website is often a duck-and-cover exercise. You score at least 9 out of 11 on this one.
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    The only reason Pure Connecticutâ„¢ lasts longer is that no one in Connecticut ever uses blinkers ...
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    I do... :(
    (But us blinker users are a dying breed apparently)

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