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SPORT PACKAGE. Anybody not have one?

Discussion in 'E90/E91/E92/E93 (2006-2011)' started by Cwalsh1109, Nov 24, 2008.

    Cwalsh1109 guest

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    I am currently looking to replace my Z4 with a CPO E90 sedan. We just had our first baby and I need a back seat. After several 3 series coupes and the Z4 I was going to get a sedan. Almost 20 years of driving and never more than 2 doors I figure it's time.
    Anyway I was overwhelmed by the amount of cars on dealer lots without a sport package. As far as I have known the sport package was always the no brainer of BMW options lists. The most bang for the buck. Suspension, wheels, seats, and a steering wheel for $1000. Who isn't checking this box. So I ask you. Are any of you 'enthusiasts' driving cars without sport packages and if so what have you done to compensate.
    There is a very good chance that I will only drive this car for a year until the lease is up on my wife's SUV at which point I will be buying either a 135, 335 coupe, or even an M3. In the meantime would a set of springs and wheels do the trick.
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    I think it depends on your usage. I live in Pittsburgh, PA and the roads are pretty much garbage. I replaced an 03 Z4 with sport pkg with an 06 330i w/o sport pkg. The ride of the Z4 was harsh and certain roads would pull me side to side. Yes, I still have run flats but the ride is improved and there is more straight line stability. Note that this is a daily driver and I have never taken it to the track. BONUS: the tires are approx. $100 cheaper each going from the 18's to the 17's.

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    I'm very happy with non-sport.

    I'm very happy with my non-sport package CPO. I'm like you the sport package would have been a no brainer if ordering new. I must say the handling in my car is outstanding it is a 328xiT. I can't make the tires brake loose. If you are only planning on driving the car for a year I wouldn't do anything to it, especially the springs, your wife will like the handling and ride just the way it is, especially coming from a SUV. I will probably get a new set of 18" rims for my car next spring, but honestly only for the look and get rid of the run flats.
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    I'm in a 5 series without sport package and I certainly regret it. However for the purposes that car serves (family and kids), it works out just fine. If BMW offers a light version of sport package that comes with all season tires, it would have been an easier choice for me.

    I do plan to add sport shocks and springs when the car ages.
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    I have a 335i coupe w/o the sport package. I debated over this option, and finally decided against it. The sport package sits about an inch lower. In Michigan, I think I'd be hitting the bottom of the car on the ground too often if it was an inch lower. As it is, the front fascia scrapes on curbs and driveways.

    The steering feel was idetnical between the two. The only advantage I could see is the higher cornering limits. But that's only useful on the track, which I rarely go. The improvement in ride, and the cheaper tires, more than made up for the lower cornering limit. It must be said, though, that the cornering limits are still very high, probably higher than 95% of the cars on the road.

    I'm 61 years old, and still not old enough to have a 4 door car!

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    We bought a new 2008 328 for my wife. I was trying to persuade her toward the 335 or at least the sport package on the 328. But since she cares nothing for any of that, she picked out a standard suspension model, with 16" wheels.

    I am pleasantly suprised with the way the new car feels and handles. It is definitely head and shoulders above ANY other non-sport package I have ever driven. As run-flats are standard, the firm, direct feel is there as is the turn-in response. The firm but dampened feel is very appropriate for a daily driver for an enthusiast. I did test-drive the sport package as well and honestly found it a bit "slappy" over sharp edges.

    Its actually a relief after driving my modified '98 M3 for many years, lowered and sprung firmer than stock, which beats you up a bit, unless the roads are perfect.
    Really though you need to just ask for a test drive to get a feel for what you will or won't like. Everyone's expectations are different.
    Hope this helps.
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    A Bimmer with no Sports Package is like a hair cut with no line :eek:
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    Standard on Coupes

    For the record, I believe the E92 coupe only has one suspension - the Sport Package consists of the seats, wheels and the unrestricted ECU (no 130mph governor).

    For the sedans, it depends on your driving and roads as others have stated. Our group does sporting drives on somewhat marginal roads, and even with the standard setup it dances a bit at speed on very rough sections. But as Captain Obvious would say, if track time or autocrossing is on the agenda, then the Sport Package or a Dinan upgrade is the way to go.

    I'm curious if the '06 330i sedan had the same standard suspension as the '07 and up 328i, since it does have the 8 x 17 wheels and was the top offering that year. Anybody know?

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