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'Splain some things to me please

Discussion in 'Oktoberfest 2010' started by BMRDRVR, Jul 15, 2010.

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    OK, complete O'fest newb, but a very enthusiastic enthusiast! Hoping to get a lay of the land for future years, but in the meantime, what is a Fun Rally? What is BimmerMeet, or its apparent sequel, BimmerMeet II? Not racing, not schooling, not concoursing, just meandering among the cars with my wife (bless her heart, she's not protesting spending our anniversary smothered in BMWs. I showed her pictures of the lake and pool) for two days. Just wanna gawk and talk. Is there a daily cost to get on the grounds?
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    Fun Rally's generally are drives where you have clues about locations in a given area, and you have to find them as you drive around that area. Something like, find the address where the moose gets clean, and as you drive you see a laundry mat with a Moose head logo.

    BimmerMeet is just a car meet/gathering. Both Ofest attendees, and the local BMW enthusiasts line up their cars and look at each others.
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    The O'Fest fun rally is also an un-scheduled event - if you want to tackle it, you fit it in where you can. Schedule a few hours for it - beginning of the week is better than later, the answers to the fun rally will have a turn-in deadline somewhere at the end of the week; consider bringing along binoculars. BMW typically offers test drives of several models - if there's one you want to sample, sign up early, and don't be late for your run time (if you're only popping in at the end of the week, the test drives may all be already claimed). Make sure to register, and as you go through the registration pages, you can figure what you want to do on which days, what day passes are needed, etc.

    Regardless, c'mon out & have some fun, and make a point of socializing with folks, often-times best done during the evening social events. :)
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    Satch SoSoCalifortified

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    One of these years I'm not even going to register for O'Fest. I'll just show up at night and hang out in the bars and parking lots!
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    If you even think that you might want to participate in one of the events, (autocross for example), I strongly suggest you register in advance....because when you get there, you're really gonna be upset at yourself for not registering!
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    steven s

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    I agree.
    You will not be able to walkup to attend the autocross or driving schools. Preparation is made weeks in advance for these events.
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    And besides all that, you get the cool O'Fest dash plaque as part of your registration packet!

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