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So, where's Waldo or even better, where's my Roundel?

Discussion in 'Roundel Magazine' started by FLarimer, Sep 17, 2012.

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    Ok, so here it is, the 17th of September. I've been getting calls and emails from fellow CCA'ers with respect to "...nice article...", "...nice photos...", "...thanks for mentioning me...". All this regarding my photos and article on this past May's San Diego Clean Car Event.

    And, I keep waiting. And waiting. AND WAITING for my monthly issue of The Roundel to land in my snail-mail box.

    I mean REALLY. What does a guy have to do to get a copy? I've paid my membership (witness that I am logged on to the CCA site) fee.

    Yeah, I know, I could up the ante and pay more for first class, but generally I have my copy in my mailbox between the 5th and the 10th of the month.

    What the heck is different about September? Yeah, there is a national holiday - where the USPS doesn't normally work - but somehow, I don't think this is related.

    Someone out there *must* be enjoying my copy. It sure the heck isn't me....

    Baffled in So Cal, otherwise known and FLarimer, guy with pen in one hand and camera in the other...

    mrsbee guest

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    Dear Baffled in So Cal,

    Mellow out man, don't "go postal". I understand that you're passionate about the magazine, we all are, but there is a better way of handling the situation I think. Perhaps get in contact with the circulation department directly and see if there was a mistake, or if they can send you out a new one. Nine times out of ten they are very understanding, knowing that snail mail isn't quite as reliable we would all like it to be.

    Also, consider that offering a complain to a bunch of people that can't really do anything about it isn't going to solve the issue. We sympathize and such, and hate that you've been put out! I'd be happy to send you my copy if that will make you feel any better.

    Don't forget, there is also the Online Version that is incredibly easy to navigate and personally I like it because I can use it on my handheld device! http://roundel.imirus.com/Mpowered/book/vrd12/i9/p1

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    Satch SoSoCalifortified

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    Yo, Fred! I probably have an extra copy or two you can have!
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    Satch - thanks for the offer. I did contact the national office and they sent me a replacement copy. Good folks there. And, funny enough my October issue landed the following day. It has been a good couple of reading days at my house :)

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