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Simple Green Max

Discussion in 'Detailing' started by jlwsbw, Sep 22, 2008.

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    Anyone have experience using Simple Green MAX? I have ordered a couple bottles of this stuff to clean under the hood of my 2000 4Runner, before i use it on my BMWs wanted to get some feedback from anyone...

    M3Driver guest

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    I used Simple Green for a quite a few years when it first came out. I have heard that it was caustic to aluminum parts but don't remember it causing me any problems. However I used it mostly to clean within the wheel wheels and carpet stains.

    Due to my work with Army aircraft at one time I had heard that it was banned for use as a a wash due some type of reaction with certain types of metal.

    Lexington guest

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    I've used it to clean bicycle chains and it does a good job but I had some of it get on other aluminum parts and it caused severe discoloration. However, I may not have diluted it enough.

    steveb guest

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    The regular Simple Green is damaging to aluminum, but you can get the one that is Boeing approved, aluminum safe. You can get it at Home Depot.

    zaxjax guest

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    Simple Green Max and Regular Simple Green need to be diluted at least 3:1 to ensure it will not damage aluminum or other metals.

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