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Shipping Car

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by gthberg, Jan 24, 2010.

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    Going to be moving from Kansas to NC this summer, and I'm looking at shipping my e24 M6 (I don't have enough drivers to move my fleet:D). Anybody have any recommendations on carriers who will do it efficiently and safely? Thanks.
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    steven s

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    Federal Express actually does shipping now. Really.
    If you don't mind someone else driving, I'm sure you can find a chapter member to drive and then put him on a plane home.
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    I'm pretty sure there won't be a shortage of volunteers to drive an E24 M6. I know if I were in Kansas I would be all over it :)
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    Yeah, amazing how that works. :) My dad also volunteered to "take one for the team" and come drive it out there. I'm just looking at options to spare the mileage.

    tkundhi guest

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    We used Passport Transport to ship 2 cars (E30 M3 & E30 M-tech) from MD to NE when we moved in 2003. I was very pleased and would highy recommend them. Only downside, cost. They were definetely not the cheapest option. But I wanted an enclosed trailer and didn't want some other vehicle dripping fluids on my cars. My cars were the cheapest ones on the truck. Passport is now owned by FedEx. Figure $1200 - $1500. You can probably find a open carrier to do it for about $700 - $900.

    Good Luck,

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    John in VA

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    A local member just asked this yesterday. Another local used DAS from west coast to east coast with no surprises, 3 times. It was enclosed transport, and she paid extra for the upper berth.

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    When I shipped my Roadster from Texas to Connecticut in 2006, I used McNutt Auto Transport. They had a reasonable rate and did a good job. They are actually just a broker and contract shipments with other direct carriers. Ultimately, my car actually shipped with Seaside Leasing, but they only work through brokers.


    It was kinda funny since a lightning storm took out all of McNutt's computers just about the time my car was picked up. But I was able to get the cell phone number of Charlie, the Seaside Leasing driver and we chatted every couple days to keep tabs on progress and estimated arrival time.
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    I used DAS to ship my E30 M3 from Hawaii to Penna when I bought it. It arrived safe, but very dirty. They seemed to do a good job, but I know others have had issues with them. The one tie down was damaged. One too many over zealous truckers I guess.
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    I'm in a similar situation, moving this summer and planning (tentatively) to put my BMW on a trailer behind a U-Haul.

    (Yes, I realize that is embarassing for the Bimmer.)

    Any ideas on where I could find a "superbra" or similar product for the front of the car to guard against rocks, etc. during the haul?

    cwbiii guest

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    Why not put a good car cover over it while it is in transit... just make sure it is one with a good soft inner liner and its on nice and tight so it won't damage the finish from wind abrasion. I bought one from a bimmer aftermarket place in NH that is perfect. I have to store my wifes 330 outside under cover all winter and it comes out just like it did when we covered it 4 months earlier. Simply mounting a 3'x6' piece of plywood across in front of the car should do for a rock shield.
    You can mount it to a couple of 2x6's and park the front wheels on them to keep in
    place... cheap and easy. You can pick up one of the official ones in any RVing supply specifically for towing autos behind motorhomes. I've dragged a number of vehicles behind mine with no issues from rock dings, but boy are they dirty when they get there. They are too grimy to even consider an automated wash...

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