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Service engine soon light and airbag light

Discussion in 'E46 (1999-2006)' started by fattasseri, Aug 5, 2009.

    fattasseri guest

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    I'm a new member and new to the forum.
    I just turned in my 04 325I with 78k miles to a local dealer in downtown Houston.
    The problem is two lights on my dash that have come on - service engine soon and the airbag light.
    They are charging $120 per light to diagnose the problem and then they'll give me a call to tell me how much it will cost to fix. Had no maintenance trouble whatsoever to date, so I'm waiting to see what they're going to tell me. I expect it around $1k or more to fix, because I do not have an extended warranty. Let's see if they surprise me with better news.

    Any advice before I proceed with the dealer?
    Once I hear from my SA, I will post the diagnosis and estimate to fix.

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    Ask for a second opinion from someone who doesn't have such a flagrant conflict of interest. Either that or bend over and grab your ankles ...

    fattasseri guest

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    As expected, the quote for diagnosing and fixing / replacing everything including a new problem they discovered is above $1K.
    I'm negotiating, but they seem reasonable.
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    What do they say needs replacing? For the air bag was it the passenger occupancy sensor or a seat belt buckle? What about the check engine light?

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