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Service Bulletin for tire replacement?

Discussion in 'Wheels & Tires' started by JordanZahm, Feb 14, 2018.

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    My E92 recently got hit while parked on the street and now I'm dealing with my insurance to get reimbursed for the tires since one of them popped when the car got hit. Does anyone know if there is a service bulletin from BMW that states you must replace at least two tires that I can send to the insurance adjuster so I can get reimbursed? I purchased two new tires but they're only paying me for one tire so far.
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    There is not a direct bulletin for tire replacement but if your vehicle is x drive you can say that the tires need to be the same tread depth to prevent transfer case damage. Use SIB 24 07 15, attached to the bulletin is a diag chart that states

    Wrong or worn tires installed:
    Check the size and brand for correct fitment to the vehicle.
    One or more tires with extreme tire wear will keep the xDrive engaged.
    If tires are brand new (just replaced), the issue could have happened with old tires. If the vehicle was equipped with staggered sizes, check to make sure they are not
    mismatched to axle (front are now on rear).

    Long shot but might work.
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    Thank you so much!

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