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S.F. Bay Area Dealer Service Recommendations . . .

Discussion in 'BMW' started by odets, Oct 10, 2008.

    odets guest

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    About three months ago I bought a new 2008 750i from Weatherford Motors in Berkeley. I've had a few relatively small problems and (though I have had a service writer who's tried to get the work done) the service department has been absolutely terrible. It's not so much the inability to get these particular issues resolved, but the entire nature of the operation that bothers me. I'm dreading dealing with these people on any real service issues that need discussion or attention.

    If there were a really good dealer service department within reasonable distance of the S.F. East Bay, I'd love to go in, give them up front an amount equal to the profit Weatherford made on the sale of my car and have the new dealer service the car. Otherwise I'd settle for a really good independent shop and just forego the warranty. Because of the electronics in this car it would have to be an independent shop with the equipment and experience to work on it.

    Any real experience with dealers or independent shops and ideas on this? I'm a fairly precise, technically oriented owner and need someone who can talk about a problem.


    missmelyssa guest

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    Hi Walt. I just bought my first bimmer, used 2006 from Acura of Concord.
    I've been reading that most don't like dealerships since you take your car in for simple maintenance and it's returned to you with a different problem. I've been reading up on them on yelp.com
    Try edgemotorworks in Dublin. I'm thinking of trying them out. They have a good rep and are members of bmwcca.

    cthughesii guest

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    Try BMW of Fremont, Service Manager John Hernadez (510) 360-5905 or Service Adviser Louis Rodriguez (510) 360-5929.

    biomimetic guest

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    If you must use a dealer I concur with Fremont - I was thinking about restoring a BMW motorcycle at one point, and they went out of their way to find info, and knew something about them. Eventually they talked me out of it. So I guess I would have to say they grudgingly get my vote - at least as far as dealers go.

    odets guest

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    Thanks guys, I will keep Fremont in mind. In the meanwhile, someone at BMW New Jersey recommended Sonnen in San Rafael about six months ago and I have had excellent experience with them. The service advisor, Tom Murtha, has done a terrific job. Todd, the service manager, has also been excellent. Tom and the others have bent over backwards and I am very appreciative. This is like night and day with Weatherford in Berkeley. If I'd been stuck with Weatherford, I don't think I would have kept the car.

    eschummer guest

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    I've been very happy with BMW of SF. I have had my M3 since August 2008 and so far they and my service advisor (EJ Martinez) have always under-promised and over-delivered. I have recommended them (him) to some friends and they have had similar experiences.


    odets guest

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    Ed, thanks. I think this has everything to do with the particular service advisor one has, how much he knows and how he relates to the shop. Tom Murtha at Sonnen is mechanicallly knowledgable, smart and is able to communicate with the shop manager and mechanics. When I had a wheel balance/alignment problem, he had the mechanic write up an explanation of what they'd done, the actual figures, etc. So this is all extremely helpful and makes for a different experience.

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