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Run-Flat Tires

Discussion in 'F01/F02 (2009-present)' started by mlfaber, Sep 7, 2015.

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    My 750LXI sedan has a problem with a frequent need to change tires. It is very strange that every year since I bought it in 2011, I have had a nail found on the rear tires (2x in the right side and 2x in the driver side). I have never had nail problems in many other cars that I and my family have owned. The 750LXI came with run-flat tires. This is really weird. Now I have another low pressure signal coming on (exactly a year since I replaced that tire) and I will take it in to the dealer tomorrow. I wonder if it will be a nail problem once again. Has anybody had this problem? I am wondering if the RF tires are more prone to nail punctures. Is it advisable to replace tires to non run-flats?
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    If you replace the tires with non run flats just remember you do no have a spare tire. I'm not sure run flats are more prone to getting nails or not since I see a lot of both kinds getting nail mainly really bad luck for most if you have good tread. But as the tread goes down tires do get more prone to getting nails stuck in them.

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