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Roundel Replacement

Discussion in 'DIY (Do-It-Yourself)' started by dnb216, May 28, 2018.

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    The Roundel on the hood of my 2010 535I, became unglued and lost. How can I remove the old base, which appears to be held by rivets, and replace it with a new one? Thanks, dnb
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    Hmm - I wouldn't know the specifics for your car on that, but, use the last 7 of your vin, & lookup your car on realoem.com, click on "Vehicle Trim", & scroll down to "Exterior Trim/Grill" under which is under "Emblems/Letterings".

    This a link for an F10 5'er, but maybe you have an E60 (using the vin will get you to the correct pages for your model).


    Since the diagram shows grommets for the hood badge, that would imply it's similar to earlier BMW's, where there's two holes in the trunk or hood, the grommets go in the holes, and the trunk or hood badge has two grommet-sized nubs that friction-fit into the grommets. Removal of that kind means using a plastic/nylon pry tool along with protecting the painted edges around the indentation into which the badge sits, taking great care and patience to carefully and slowly pry up the badge without scratching, denting, or damaging the paint, or hood. An appropriately-sized flathead screwdriver can work, but it's a bit of a challenge to protect the hood & paint adequately to get it free by prying without damaging anything. I've never tried it & it would depend on access, but I wonder if it could be gently tapped out from the underside of the hood, which would address the risk of chipping the paint, at least in the badge-surround area. Moot thought if there's no access.

    However... best I can guess from parts pictures here:
    & here:

    It may be yours is a two-part design where the emblem part of the badge sits in a surround attached by adhesive (presumably the white parts extending beyond the edges in one of the ECS pictures is removable adhesive backing). Guessing, but it looks like the ring-surround stays in place, but you'd have to clean & remove any old adhesive perhaps with heat (not sure if heat gun is the best, although heat would surely help - I would guess a heat gun runs the risk of melting the plastic which then you'd have to replace the backing part too), or 3M Adhesive Remover. In any case, that appears to be a relatively simple matter of replacing the adhesive-backed badge unless you opt to replace the whole thing.

    Looking up E60's and searching late production (last were 12/09, which presumably would have been sold as a 2010 model) & checking that part number, pics from ECS looks like badges typical to most other earlier BMW's.


    Without knowing whether you have an E60 or F10, can't venture more of a guess what design of badge you have.
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    Thank you. I have an E60. I was able to yank it out with a piece of flat plastic wrapping strap. I slid it underneath and pulled it right out. No need to take a chance with a flat head screw driver.

    The new one it's on it's way as I write this note.


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