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Revive my BMW

Discussion in 'Warranty questions' started by jersey325i, Jan 8, 2009.

    jersey325i guest

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    My 95 325i runs great but I am looking into reconditioning it to make it last longer. what can I do to revive lost HP and torque on an engine with 140,000 miles. Is a conforti chip a good investment? I hear people talk about rebuilding their motors, how extensive and expensive is that? Thanks
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    Unless your engine's been horribly abused or neglected, I wouldn't expect it to need anything more than standard maintenance items in general, or any specific issues which need to be addressed for M50's.

    I'm not an M50 expert, hopefully someone else can address some specifics.

    afaik, Conforti chips work just fine to very well for most people. Value received is a bit subjective, you might have to decide for yourself if it's worth it. I've been happy with mine for years, but different car, different engine - again, hopefully someone w/ one for your car will offer up an opinion.

    Engine rebuilding is expensive - unless you're just rolling in dough and happy to throw $4k-$8k into rebuilding your engine, potentially prematurely, I'd think you'd be better off to address any needed issues and being far ahead moneywise compared to an engine rebuild.

    Just my 2¢.

    Devilsown guest

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    You can do a engine "cleaning" when I do this I put some AMSOIL P.I. Fuel additive that clean injectors and all that good stuff. I also use their engine foam which you spray into the intake of the car and let it sit, it will eat at all the carbon deposits. I also use the AMSOIL Engine flush, what you do is add it to your oil and let it run idle for 15-20 min and then drain your oil and replace your filter.

    You can also just get a basic tune up ie: spark plugs, spark plug leads, fuel filter, airfilter, and do some fluid swaps: tranny, rear diff, and coolant. You may also want to consider replacing your fuel injectors. This may not per say restore power butI feel that it will overall make you car run smoother and last longer, a little prevenitve maintance can go a LONG way with cars.

    ALSO: dont forget about the Powersteering fluid and brake fluid as they are common to be overlooked.

    Im not a mechanic or anything I just like to read up on stuff on futher my knowlege on cars, this process has worked for me so far and I plan on to keep using it.

    anyone else care to add anything or further my knowlege please do I love to learn from my mistakes and get others views on the subject at hand.

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    You won't need to replace your injectors, but it is pretty trivial to remove them and have them cleaned. If you want more power, I can tell you a Conforti chip on an M50 is very nice. The motor should be in fine shape, though, and will probably not require a rebuild for many miles. Rather than rebuild a 2.5, though, you would want to look into getting a 2.8, 3.0, or 3.2. If you really want more power replace injectors with higher flow injectors, and upgrade the software, then up displacement.

    jersey325i guest

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    wow, thanks for the advice that's everything i wanted to know. The engine cleaning sounds like a great idea and I guess i'll look into a chip. Thanks alot it really helped.

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