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Replies are limited by.... time? Number??

Discussion in 'Site Feedback' started by MGarrison, Jul 13, 2011.

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    So what's this new bit of weirdness with this forum software ...

    see: http://www.bmwcca.org/node/2428

    Near the bottom, a couple of my replies and one from Not The Stig... no "reply" link showing? What gives? Ya tellin' me this freakin' forum software limits the replies, or ability to reply, after they get to a point where they're nested down yea-so-far?? What's the implication here... we talk too much? "Hey, yeah, sure... forums! Speak right up, kick in! All you want! Well... ok... not THAT much.. ok.. really... just, well... this much.... and that's ALL!!" Huh??

    Don't know if I can think of a pithy analogy, but that's like the software designers saying, hey, this is so damn convoluted, if we let it go any further it'll get chaotic beyond the point of usability or reason, so, let's stop the insanity, here, at this point, after X many replies... it's almost getting to be a cliché, now... Really? Seriously? I hope that whatever the planned replacement for this is, not only will it be better (waaaaay better), but substantially more...... normal.

    BTW, what's gonna be the fate of our posts here? Not that we have any posts so far worth saving for posterity, but should we bother to expend much effort in creating useful, informational posts to hopefully be of some help to those asking questions, or, should we be adopting the attitude that the only good post is one relegated to the scrap-heap of the forgotten hard-drive sector?
Thread Status:
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