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Replacement radio for '91 325i

Discussion in 'Audio, Video & Electronics' started by remgitano, Oct 8, 2020.

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    Hi BMW folks! I have a 1991 325i sedan which I love! The OEM radio has failed so my mechanic suggested a Continental TR7412UB-OR because of its cost and "kind of, sort of" look akin to the period. I would much rather have a refurbished OEM radio to maintain originality and could not care less about about blue tooth, telephone access and the rest of that crap!
    I received my car from the mechanic after a few services rendered. Car ran great but what a mistake on the radio! It would play for about one second, pause for about five seconds, reinitiate, play for a second ad infinitum. Over and above that, the AM band is for Euro increments of 9 mega whatever rather than 10 so stations were never correct. Over and above that, the antenna and the radio were non conversant: I parked the car, key removed, locked the car, the antenna did not retract.
    So, fellow BMW owners, where can I obtain an OEM BMW radio, refurbished, prefer with CD option vs cassette? I have struck out on the web. This Continental radio is crap and going back to wherever it was made!

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