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Remote inspection request

Discussion in 'Windy City Chapter' started by Rick Dashn, Jul 14, 2011.

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    Rick Dashn

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    I live in Ca and I am looking at a car located at Perillo Lincol Saab Preowned outlet. I know Perillo has a BMW dealership as well in the area. I am wondering if anyone in the Chapter would be interested in laying eyes and ears on the car and what they would like in terms of compensation. I'd rather pay a fellow member than a mechanic I do not know. Or if someone wanted to make a solid recommendation of an independant that could also be an option.

    Perillo Lincoln Saab Preowned outlet

    530 West Chicago Ave
    Chicago, IL 60654

    Very Best from out West,

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    Rick, so few are on the new

    Rick, so few are on the new forums here that you would stand a substantially better chance contacting the Windy City folks directly via their chapter website. I don't know if Windy City has message forums or not, but I'd say send a group email to the officers listed on their site.


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