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Rejected my new vehicle....

Discussion in 'E60 (2004-2010)' started by innhitman, Aug 27, 2008.

    innhitman guest

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    I just had a potentially bad experience turn out great and without ANY trouble.

    I picked up a brand new '08 535xi last Friday. Upon driving the car home, there was white smoke coming from the car. I noticed this when I got home and shut off the car. There was also a smell that was not normal.

    The next day I called the dealership to inform them of the situation(Paul Miller BMW in NJ).

    The thought it might be just the normal smell that you might get as a car breaks in for a day or so.

    Well, it continued through the weekend... I noticed on Sunday (when I was closing the passenger side door for my daughter there was white smoke coming from under the passenger side of the car. I parked it until Monday... drove it to the dealer.... and was told there was a problem that needed repair and they needed to order the parts.

    After thinking about it for a few hours and consulting with friends, I decided to reject the vehicle.

    I went back to the dealer and faced NO PROBLEMS at all in rejecting the vehicle. On Tuesday night I received a brand new vehicle. This could have been very bad.... but they took care of the situation without my having to ask twice.

    I was always happy with Paul Miller BMW. Now they have a friend long term!!!

    Their new facility is great and the staff there rates among the highest.
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    What location is the dealer for those who would like to purchase from them?

    innhitman guest

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    Paul Miller BMW, Wayne, NJ. On Rte 23 South. My salesman was named Jerzy.

    bl335i08 guest

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    Bluestar guest

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    It sounds like they stepped up to the plate on this one; glad to hear it and good luck with the car!

    innhitman guest

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    I'm not sure how hard I was listening, but I think they said broken gasket for the turbo line. Both needed to be ordered and replaced. It's all jumbo jumbo to me.

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