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Recovering the PIN for accessing my bluetooth connection on 2006 Z4

Discussion in 'E85/6 Z4 (2002-2008)' started by stebun, Mar 20, 2013.

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    I recently purchased a 2006 Z4 3.0 si and cannot access my bluetooth connection for lack of the PIN. Dealer says all pre 07's have a unique PIN and they can recover it for $130 can anyone help with this?
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    Yes they are correct that your vehicle does have a specific pin. You will need to get your pin number off the TCU it should say BT then list 4 numbers and that is your pin. If I remember correctly your TCU is in the trunk under the carpet. Here is a link for a z4 coupe it should be the samehttp://owners.www.bimmerfest.com/forums/showthread.php?t=212954
    It should also be some where in the owner manual booklet on a card if you have the original paper work.
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    If your dealer wants $130 to recover your Bluetooth Passkey then they're ripping you off. Try another dealer, they should do this for you as a courtesy, or try an independent. It will take them just a few minutes to plug into your OBDII port and retrieve it.

    As charlson89 mentioned, look through the paperwork that came with your car, as this is the easiest way to find your passkey. The car came with a thick plastic coated card, about the size of the manual, that has a label on it with all of the info about your ESN and your Bluetooth Passkey. I've attached a picture of mine. The PK is a four-digit number.

    While the post referenced above shows where the TCU is located it doesn't tell you how to get to it. As you probably noticed, that trunk interior has been completely taken out and I'm sure you don't want to do that. Google "Z4 Bluetooth PIN Passkey" and you will find many posts. The most common method on a Z4 is to go through the subwoofer hold behind the driver's seat.

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