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Recall - Have you done it?

Discussion in 'E81/E82/E87/E88 (2004-present)' started by mrsbee, Mar 16, 2013.

    mrsbee guest

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    So, I had my recall done.

    Before I go into the detail, has anybody else had theirs done, and if so....how'd it go.

    Teaser alert - I have been notified by the dealership that my precious "One" is now a Guinea Pig of sorts due to a malfunction with the "New Improved" parts.
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    I have been doing a lot of these recalls at my dealer so far not many issues. I have had a few with burn marks already but nothing serious. The 3 series are pretty quick the 1 series take a little longer from there compact design.
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    wellardmac Ninja World Traveler

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    I've not been notified yet, when did you get a letter? I can;t tell from what I've read if the M3 is included in the recall.

    mrsbee guest

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    The One was called in, and of course I took it in super quick, that's one of those things that don't just kind of hang on my back burner well (hahahaha, pun intended).

    Anyhoo, I took it in, and in almost an hour they were able to fix my window AND install the new part - I took off and head to tear up some mountains. I got about an hour into the middle of nowhere and noticed I lost the time on the clock - no biggie, right? I set the clock again, and a couple of miles later - Engine light comes on with that ever so terrifying car on a lift icon blazing an orange outline into my eyeballs.

    Of course, mind you, I'm in the middle of nowhere Western NC with no cell phone reception and big ideas of my car starting on fire come to mind. I start making a bee line back to the dealership - which I made it to - and explained my situation.

    They took the car back in, but were baffled. They had done "At least half a dozen" on three series, but this was their first "One". Something happened, which wasn't explained to me in terms that made sense, that fried out the Battery Level Sensor Unit - which caused the car to think there was no battery life left. Of course, the car freaks out, driver freaks out, and all hope and faith is lost very temporarily in the One series (yet again).

    They sent me on my way in a brand spanking new 328i and just told me to "keep it for the time being, until we can figure out the mess". The mess, apparently, isn't isolated, they had to special order in a part, overnight it, and install it promptly the next day. After my car came in, three more people called with the same problem.

    Kind of makes you wonder....
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    Satch SoSoCalifortified

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    Gee, maybe they'll give you a 135i to make things right...

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