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raffle question regarding income taxes

Discussion in 'Oktoberfest 2009' started by the_dude, Sep 1, 2009.

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    I think that, until they confirm that you're dead* or completely impossible to track down, you will receive your award.

    * Maybe even then. I don't recall if this goes to heirs if the winner dies.
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    Satch SoSoCalifortified

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    Raffle winners

    He's right; if they can't get hold of you, they keep trying.

    Here's what it says in the December Roundel (and on the CCA website already):

    BMW CCA raffle winners: During Oktoberfest in Georgia, tickets for the BMW CCA Car Of Your Dreams raffle were drawn. The winners are:
    Grand prize: Joseph Stanistreet, Genesee Valley Chapter
    First prize: Gay Dawson, Tejas Chapter
    Main prizes: Thomas Shelton, River City Bimmers; Captain John Flanagan (Active Duty USMC), National Capital Chapter; Terry George, Sin City Chapter; David Buettner , Los Angeles Chapter
    Partial award: Brian Werst, Rocky Mountain Chapter

    The partial award occurs because the number of tickets sold governs the payout. And yes, the fine print says that the Club can pay you in cash---much to the consternation of one winner about nine years ago who INSISTED that we had to get him an E46 M3. . .

    Of course, I am not eligible for the raffle. But if I won the Grand Prize---what is it, $106,000 or so?---and had to give $40,000 to the Feds, I'd whimper all the way to the bank with my $62,000. . .
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    BMW Contest

    I thought that the BMW raffle contest was supposed to take place during Octoberfest 2010. If so and the raffle was held, why haven't the numbers been posted as of yet? This really should have been posted as soon as the raffle was completed.
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    Deutsch Marques

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    In the rules it states that they will post the winners after they are contacted. They contact the winners the week of Aug 30, which is this week. Since they haven't called me yet, they haven't called all the winners. ;)

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    I was actually told by the club that if you don't receive a call by Tuesday (which was yesterday), you probably didn't win. Hopefully they just haven't gotten around to calling me yet! I'm sure they will post the winners soon.
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    steven s

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    We will post the winners once everyone has been notified.
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