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power window failure

Discussion in 'E36 (1992-1999)' started by michael coneff, May 20, 2008.

    michael coneff guest

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    I have had a 68 2002 for twenty five years and recently baught a 93 325is for a daily driver, it drives nice enough but the windows motors and sun roof have all failed..!!! what a bunch of crap they obviously have disigned them to do so.... a friend of mine baught a 2003 model and has paid the dealer to have ALL his motors replaced and sun roof on a four door. has BMW gone down hill and resolved to date rape as a business model or is their a fuse or relay that can be replaced? no longer so impressed with BMW
    any comments
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    You ever thought that maybe you're just unfortunate or that maybe it's not the motors and something else, like a relay or something? They don't design them to fail; if that was the case, this would be an epidemic and last I checked, the number of BMWs that don't have this problem significantly outweigh the number that do... ;)

    Are you absolutely sure its the motors that are done with?

    wail guest

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    My 330i back seat window simply crashed and one can hear the broken glass sound, as my wife pushed the button to roll it up. Don't you think BMW should fix this type of non-user's fault failure?

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