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Place to do DIY in Honolulu, HI

Discussion in 'BMW' started by vetaldj, May 12, 2011.

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    Hi All,

    For member from Hawaii: can anybody help me with place to do my suspension DIY (control and thrust arms) for this coming weekend?

    I have all parts, need just place...

    I also need to change O2 and ATF.

    Thanks in advance!
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    Look up your chapter president in Roundel and shoot him/her an email. Best of luck. :)

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    Skip the local chapter...

    I contacted my local chapter president when I had a breakdown last weekend, he promised to call back and never did. My advice to you would be to check with your FRIENDS first to see if anyone has a carport or garage that you can "borrow" for a few hours...:cool: Also, around here (NORCAL), there are actually "garage spaces" that you can rent for a few hours to accomplish the tasks you are about to tackle...

    If I lived there, I'd be more than happy to let you use my garage and I would also enjoy assisting in the install. Fortunately, you can DIY these projects with minimal specialty tools so it seems you just need some space to tear down and reassemble. Make sure you have the O2 tool though as it makes things much easier to remove and install when dealing with the sensors. Best of luck...
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    Sorry you had a bad experience, but that is not always the case. Nine years ago when I bought my M3 from Hawaii the chapter president at the time was very helpful since this was a long distance purchase. Unfortunately I can't remember his name, but he drove a 318ti :D

    So don't write off your local chapter without trying to get involved first. Also, life happens, sometimes we can't always get back to people.
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    What, you suspect that the volunteers who help out to do everything to keep 'CCA chapters functional, without compensation and in addition to all else they might be doing in their lives and careers, somehow aren't just sitting at the computer and by the phone just waiting to answer the phone or immediately reply to an email that might appear in the inbox? :p

    Hate to think what the dues would have to be without the chapter-level volunteerism... which isn't an excuse, btw - it's reasonable to expect a response, even if not timely, from communiqués... tempered by the understanding that even though email is typically reliable, there is always the possibility of a glitch and that one's intended recipient did not receive the sent email.

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