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Parasitic Drain

Discussion in 'The Hack Mechanic Goes Online (closed)' started by JimD, Jan 20, 2015.

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    I just read your latest column and you mentioned a parasitic drain issue in your Z3. You probably know all this but I thought I would relate my experience on a Toyota Corolla. It is the youngest daughters car and if it sits for a couple weeks, it won't start. So I bought a relatively inexpensive multi-tester at Walmart and tested it. It did have too much drain with everything off so I started pulling fuses to find the circuit. It is the radio circuit. Pulling the fuse is unacceptable to her (car must have a radio!) and I haven't taken the time to disconnect and re-run the circuit. So we live with it.

    Long way of saying you've pulled the fuses to find the offending circuit, right? Maybe somebody else has more experience than I do and can also contribute.


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