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Paint issue

Discussion in 'Warranty questions' started by gl2077, Jul 29, 2018.

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    Took delivery of an ordered to specifications 2019 430i Coupe July 21, 2018
    My eight new BMW since 1998
    Within a couple of days something caught my attention
    Upon closer inspection I found the exterior body received the ordered mineral white paint
    However the door jambs underneath and insides of the hood and trunk are alpine white
    I traded in a 2015 428i Coupe for this vehicle and during the three years owned never noticed a difference in paint
    I’ve contacted my dealership and supplied photographs depicting the noticeable difference however have not had the courtesy of a response other than there are currently no mineral white vehicles at the dealership to review
    Seems it wouldn’t be a difficult issue to provide feedback and could simply be accomplished I would think by contacting their auto body department or factory reps
    That leaves me at my question for the community
    Has anyone come across this or a similar situation
    If it is a factory norm now then I will try to comprehend even if I wouldn’t think a company such as BMW would lowered their standards to
    Naturally if not then I am left with additional questions ie was an alpine white sprayed to meet my order details perhaps it was damaged
    Certainly the list could expand
    Any feedback would be greatly appreciated
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    Sounds weird to me, but I don't have any insight beyond saying I haven't heard of such a thing (not that I necessarily would have; more likely a tech like our resident Charlson might). One on hand, it's not what you expected or ordered, so that's a problem; on the other, if it's a factory error, I would have to think such errors are pretty dang rare, but unlike something insignificant like Hot Whees toy models where factory errors are valued, I don't know if yours being a 1 of 1 due to an error is something that means anything, unless you just want to accept it and embrace it as is. If the paint is plainly different, it certainly sounds like an error in the factory paint booth, some sort of paint-switching error, which I'd tend to think happens rarely without getting completely fixed and would otherwise remain unnoticeable - hard to imagine how else it could have come about. If a trip to your dealer doesn't involve a lengthy trip, seems like showing it to them would be a logical place to start. Calling BMW customer service and asking if they've ever heard of such a thing might be worthwhile, but I'd expect the answer to be "no". I can't imagine it's some sort of modern BMW norm... "Oh, didn't you know? We paint all our cars in two different-but-similar colors now...."
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    Sorry I don't deal with paint a lot so I can not say if that is normal or not. I can't recall any of the mineral white cars having the alpine under the hood. But I might have just not payed attention. Best bet would be to call a BMW certified auto body repair shop and see if they know anything about this. If I see one I will pay attention and update here on what I find.

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