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Oregon Greetings

Discussion in 'Member Introductions' started by callmasterIV, Mar 28, 2010.

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    Hi, Erh.
    k, Im Stephan 32ish (soon) and live in Oregon, PDX area.
    I got 2 325s , both84.

    Where one has been now declares spareparts repository.

    One is in a bad brinzitmetallic and one in lupinsblau.
    To get tehm seperated easier my wife and me gave them names:)

    both were to be identical this summer, one for her , one for me.

    were both actually from germany, south, my wife is from munich with a family history working for/at BMW :)
    Im from stuttgart, and just couldnt do a porsche to her :-D

    Well, desitiny wanted it different. both cars total came home with us for 1500 $ and were each n "abuse" case on its own.

    one is left driving now, thats the bronzit metallic one. has 270k miles and ..
    well had to do the brakes first of all,
    electric problems,
    speedo cluster replacement, (parts like grears, resoldering
    etc),window motors
    well 95% privacy tint in the rear.
    air filter.

    from there ..after a while Ive..
    suspension: lowered by 2 1/2in front and rear, with new red springs :)
    strut brace in, front
    steerign wheel: Mtech 2 (36,5cm)
    new shifter / handbrake boots in Motorsport stripes.
    (funny i bought them in Ebay UK, and the stripes are on the wrong side due the left/right hand drive)
    momo knob (20$ from momousa - clearance sale),
    sport pedals and dinan chip, and
    dual oval/doublewall slanted tip muffler. bits and pieces..

    correct. no timing belt. owner said that was recently done.

    do i need to mention it went our 4 weeks ago, as its broken twice?
    i guess that explains why the blue one is now spare parts...which luckily had bad rockers and i managed to mix them up durign head rebuild.
    so i got a rattelcan engine now, however fuel economy is up and runs fine. enough for a 2.0 audi A4 turbo anyway.

    reason the blue one is now spare parts,....

    im waiting for a right engine to come up now, and part my blue till easter weekend..and go towards one car, hers for summer vs 2 , one for each of us.

    anyway, if you re around Hillsboro/portland, give me a ping, lets make some Starbucks unsafe!

    Sorry for the typos, but i got a mac with windows keyboard, and that doesnt work out well...
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    Satch SoSoCalifortified

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    Welcome to the funhouse!

    I enjoyed my time in Portland---and now you have a brand-new chapter there!

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