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Old Roundels

Discussion in 'Pacific Region' started by Greg Mierz, Apr 8, 2017.

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    Greg Mierz

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    I need to clean out my man cave of my old Roundels. I'd like to give them to someone or someplace. Anyone what them or have any ideas where to donate them. They are in Seattle. 20 plus years. I need the space and i never return to them anyway. Thanks for any ideas.

    Greg Mierz
    Member since somewhere in the 80"s.
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    See if the 'CCA Foundation will accept them for their archive; I imagine they have full printed Roundel collections already, but - I'd think they'd take extras to sell so other club members could complete their own collections. If that idea doesn't pan out, post back, I'll see if I can think of other options. Would hate to see them get pitched. You might start with your local chapter message forums (check your chapter's website) and facebook page, you might find a local taker and not end up having to pack & ship. If your chapter website doesn't have forums or social media, email the local chapter officers, you might also have interest or other suggestions there.

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