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Nurburgring Driving Schools?

Discussion in 'Driving Schools' started by SweetP, Nov 8, 2014.

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    SweetP Inland Empire Chapter, MT

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    I will be heading to Europe in 2015 and want to find driver instruction for the Nurburgring. Could be a Driving School or private instruction.
    Internet woefully does not have any 2015 information and my contacts to apparent driving schools have gone unanswered. Any information would be appreciated!
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    I don't believe there has been a BMW CCA driving school at the Nordschliefe for the last few years. With that said, RSR and ring-racing are great places to rent vehicles from (driving your hertz rental on the ring is a big no-no) and I believe they give instruction. A few of the guys at RSR are British, so no language barrier.

    Also, don't think that you must rent a super car to drive the ring, and turn your nose to the little alpha 155 at the bottom of the price list. The Nurburgring is an experience, not just a track, and a 1,000hp lotus elise for 4,000 euro's an hour is a good way to waste that experience. You will have much more fun banging out 15 laps in a Susuki Swift for the entire day instead of putt putt putting around in an E46 M3 for two laps at the same cost.

    Finally, and I cannot emphasize this enough... SUPPORT LOCAL BUSINESS!!! Before Richter and Linder sold Rheinland-Pfalz a cargo ship of snake oil and ruined the place with the roller coaster that isn't safe, the fake village, an event center that lay's empty and a shopping mall with no patrons; the true local's had a wonderful relationship with the track and often ran modest businesses off the tourism.

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