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Newbie,,,trying to get back into a convertible

Discussion in 'Member Introductions' started by 447222, Feb 19, 2013.

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    Hi, I'm MIke Eberlein, an old, and I mean old, BMW fan. Bought my first, an 1800Ti in 1970. Wife got rear ended in it so we bought a "new" '72 2002 Tii in Monterey, and broke it in right on the trip back to Fresno. Sold it when the 320i came along...and totalled that car by T-boning a Cadillac. The left front wheel was in the cabin and all I got for injuries after the 45 mile an hour crash was a seat belt bruise. The next one was a 544i...possibly the worst car I have ever owned. It finally burned to the ground after the gas line ruptured and sprayed the muffler atop the 6600 foot summit of Parley's Canyon, near our home in Park City, Utah. Couldn't figure out what all the smoke was behind me. Good riddance. I swore off BMW for many years because of that car. In the interim I owned a 308GTS, Porsche Turbo Carrerra, Cadillac and a Jaguar. Made the mistake of driving an M3 three years ago...and had to have one. Bought a sparkling 2002 and was a happy man, until I drove a Beautiful 2000 M5. The M3 went. Now, with Spring just around the corner here in Utah's Mountains, I have to get back into a convertible...so I have listed the M5 on the On-line classifieds. If you want a beauty..or want to trade for an M3 convertible PLEASE call me. Happy motoring, Mike E.
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    Welcome to the club and great list on your past vehicles, best of luck to you and your search for a convertible!
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    I believe they're still making E93 M3 convertibles!
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    Not for much longer.

    Some dealers even may have a pre-owned 2012 model in-stock with 2,000 miles and manual transmission. Ask me how I know!

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