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Newbie from Dallas, TX

Discussion in 'Member Introductions' started by lrgoodspeed, Nov 21, 2008.

    lrgoodspeed guest

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    Upstate New York is beautiful country with some nice roads. Never been, but would like to visit up there one day.

    We don't have that many curves in the metroplex, but when I see them, I change the Steptronic mode for more aggressive responsiveness, and dig into them (just ask Mike - :p). I used to ride around on a motorcycle (as a passenger) and miss the thrill of the lean. I thought about learning to ride one, but figured a convertible would be safer.

    Are there any get-togethers in the Arkansas area that anyone knows of (spring, summer, fall)? I was with a group of Goldwing riders a couple of years ago when we passed two groups (Corvettes and BMW Zs).
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    Satch SoSoCalifortified

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    Welcome aboard!

    Heh. I have to say that I love these conversations about open-air driving---there's an extended paean to that experience in the December Roundel. That particular story includes references to Texas and Big D, so I hope you enjoy it!

    I especially enjoy reading about Texas convertibles when I know our fellow members in the Frozen North are reading through chattering teeth. . . .

    But it was chilly in SoSoCal today: about 72 degrees! :D

    Autohaus guest

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    The northeast is a beauty especially during mid to late October when the leaves change colors. So many curvy roads over here that we have fun driving on them. If you come to NY doing the fall, prepare to have your heated seats on all the time.

    :rolleyes:. Satch, if 72 degrees is chilly to you, try 20 degrees :(
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    Hi Listyanna! Welcome to the club! I've been living here in the Dallas Fort Worth area from New Orleans for three years, and I love it out here!
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    Satch SoSoCalifortified

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    Loving Texas

    Actually, I think you could put a comma there: Isn't there a town named Loving, Texas?

    Anyway, I knew I'd have a great time at Oktoberfest 2007 when I saw a bumper sticker reading FOAT WUTH AH LUV YEW.

    And I happened to be passing through on my way back from O'Fest 2008 on the day Texas upset Oklahoma. Hoo-hah! You'd've thought it was New Year's Eve.
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    So THAT'S where that came from! :D

    lrgoodspeed guest

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    Thanks for the welcome! :)
    Do you participate in the local chapter? I thought about attending the Christmas party next weekend, but it conflicts with a Ft Worth charity ball that is also scheduled.

    I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! Did ya'll get your fill of turkey and ham? :eek:

    lrgoodspeed guest

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    I haven't seen the December issue yet, but am looking forward to reading it. :)
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    TeamStowell We love driving!

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    Welcome to the group Listyanna!

    As an Upstate NY member of the "roof over my head" gang, I must go out and fight the 20 degree weather and snow today to get our 83 Euro into the garage for it's 4 month nap. I probably would enjoy a 'vert more if I lived in a warmer climate. For the Komen drive, I got to transport a 6 series convertible 280 miles. I had the top down for the first 70 miles, then buttoned it up for the rest of the trip. It must be an illness....

    Anyhoot, you have a beautiful car!

    Enjoy the club, get active, and ask questions!

    MatthewDFW guest

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    Congrats on your purchase and welcome to the BMWCCA!

    I love the Dallas metro area. Lived four years in Uptown Dallas (townhouse in State-Thomas area). Now up in Las Colinas to be a little bit further from city grit and a little bit closer to Aubrey/Pilot Point, where we keep our horses. Great city; lots to do.

    Two wee bits of sage advice to any Dallas newbies following this thread...

    #1. Avoid I-635 (circles Dallas on North and East). I-635 at any time of day did not get to be the most feared and loathed road in Dallas for no reason. If you cannot steer clear of I-635 outright, at least plan your time on it with care. It is rife with traffic, construction, unexplained lane closures, accidents, and insane motorcyclists. This is a lesson I learned the hard way my first two weeks here, and occasionally re-learn, too...

    #2. Get a Toll-Tag. Even if you're sure you won't ever need it... you'll need it. Wife makes me eat humble pie every time I'm reminded how hard I resisted getting mine.

    MFarisE39 guest

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    Aside from 9 years in the Army, I've lived in the DFW area all my life. I love it here.
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    Welcome to the club!! It's always great to see a fellow Texan on here. We moved to Houston from Chicago about 11 years ago and it was the best move we ever made! Granted, July & August can be a little toasty but I've never had to scrape the heat or humidity off my windshield or shovel it off the sidewalk :D.

    This is the perfect time of year for your convertible down here!! Congratulations on the car...you're going to love it!

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