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New to the forum....another old BMWCCA Member

Discussion in 'Member Introductions' started by jdhoward, Feb 12, 2014.

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    Good evening gents,

    I've been a CCA member for some years now. I can't recall when I joined, sometime back around 2001/2002, I believe. I never quite got into posting on these forums, but recently have found it to be one of the more mature in nature.

    I started out my BMW experience with a 98' Dakar Yellow e36 M3, shown here...
    I ended up modifying the suspension from stock to TCKline racline coilover system with a host of other suspension upgrades as well as the braking system. I left the engine and appearance alone. I prefer the stock look, albeit with better handling. I raced the car for SCCA for a while and then... stopped.

    I moved on from there to a 07' 335xi after having put ~150,000 miles on the M3. I did not modify the e90 as it was more a practical commuter than some race machine. Another 150,000 miles and 7 years later here I am. I had to trade that sucker in after having some terrible years with maintenance. A little more than $5,000 last year and another $2,500 ytd then quoted another $5,300 for additional work. Yes, thats correct...more than the value of the car with those miles. Despite looking brand new on the inside and outside, despite regular maintenance and all repairs by bmw dealerships, despite garaging it and...well, it was just getting old. Many of the service advisors were amazed at how long I had kept some of the original parts (i.e. suspension) going - that's what regular highway mileage with decent roads will get you. Evenso, the 07/08 335i models were some of the most notorious for repairs, often costing an arm and a leg and even another arm. I'm walking on stumps.

    Now I am driving a 2014 328i xDrive Sport Line and am fairly pleased with the purchase. I think I should have opted for a 328i m-sport, but in the end I think I made the right decision given the weather we experience in this area (and terrible drivers) and just having a little extra piece of mind when my wife borrows the car.

    As you can see I had ice on the car... it snowed the day before.

    A brief comparison/review. The e36 handled like a dream and had fairly good power, it was a go-kart. The e90 was fatter, much more powerful, handled well... and the xdrive is very interesting when pushed to its limits, and it did quite well I think... only a little understeer and then it corrects itself and provides a neutral feel. Oversteer could be induced with safeties off.

    The F30 is a softer more compliant ride from A to B, but firmer than the e90 in the turns and the xdrive seems more responsive in hard turns. I've read somewhere that xdrive performance has been improved for 2014 models. The automatic transmission for the F30 is much better than the e90. I love the interior and tech gadgets in the F30, light years beyond the 07' e90. I think the materials and overall build of this car is much better. I also love the styling. Oh, I should comment on the steering. This car does not have the DHP. The steering is light and nimble at low speed and increases weight with speed. The Sport/Sport+ modes further increase steering weight. The new electronic steering (EPS) gives a very agile feel to the car. It seems very responsive and precise. Certainly not the same feel of the hydraulic system I've driven for eons, but that's technology for you.

    Can't think of anything else to comment on.

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    Welcome to the forums glad your liking the New car!
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    I've not driven an xDrive F30, only a couple 328d sedans. I think I totally agree with you about the transmission - much better than the very fine 6HP26 in my 335d, both in programming and reactions. Steering is a bit light, but your comment about agility is spot-on.
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    Welcome to the asylum!

    How could they discontinue Dakar Yellow?!
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    Welcome to the forums!
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