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New to me '73 Bavaria

Discussion in 'E3 "New 6", 2500, 2800, Bavaria 3.0S & 3.0Si (1968' started by mtiger_dds, May 12, 2017.

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    I picked this up from eBay, and she recently made the journey to Ohio from Montana and into our driveway.

    I had a '71 for my first car, but it had rust in all the wrong spots and didn't stay in my possession very long.

    It runs, drives, and stops just fine. A few issues:

    -the sunroof cable is broken, I have the part in hand and need to replace it. I also bought new seals to replace while I'm in there (once I figure out how to get in there!)

    -trunk leaks, weather seal has been ordered to replace

    -the drivers window came off the track. It looks like rubber gaskets in the guide rail have rotted, so I'll either be searching for an upper guide rail or the entire manual window regulator.

    -heater/blower are dead. This might be the cause of the mysterious coolant leak that seems to drip from the firewall area, but only every other day. Hmmm... The hoses in the engine compartment leading to the heater box show no signs of a leak, but its coming from somewhere.

    I bought 15" Alpina reps from a local CCA member, I'm going to attempt to refinish them myself and have them on the car soon.

    All in all, I love this thing!
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    Nice! Welcome to the club & forums!
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    Great looking car good luck with the projects!
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    The trunk seal is replaced, and I took the wheels to be media blasted.

    I was under the car last weekend trying to track down the coolant leak. The good news is that I think the leak was coming from the upper radiator hose, which trickled down and found its way to the ground. The bad news is I found a nice, large patch of JB Weld on the oil pan. Looks like replacing the pan on the M30 is somewhat of a chore.

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