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Discussion in 'Member Introductions' started by e90n51, Apr 4, 2018.

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    I just decided to join Bmw CCA after having my Bmw 3 series for a year. I am in the Los Angeles area, any meets coming up? Is there a new member package that they send through the mail? How do I get into contact with the Los Angeles Chapter because their website and calendar doesn't seem updated. Anyways Thank you.
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    Welcome to the club & forums!

    Here's the LA chapter Facebook group link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/122903015653/

    I couldn't see off their website if they have links to an events calendar, but there's a link for their chapter newsletter on the home page, to the left - click on the image below "Whispering Bomb - Winter", which may have some info. Otherwise, hit up the contacts page and email an appropriate person or two in their chapter for the quickest answer on whatever happenings they have going on or scheduled -


    If any of the xxx@losangeles.bmwcca.org emails bounce or don't seem to work, try some of the other ones that aren't the chapter-specific domains where they're listing their own email, or call those who have a phone number posted. That should get you to someone who would have some knowledge of what's going on locally - or ask on the facebook page, either should get you some answers.

    The national office will send some stuff out but it takes a little while if I understand correctly. The 1st issue of the Roundel national magazine you'll get in the mail will probably be the May issue, I'm guessing the April mailing list was already generated for current mailings in the last week, round-abouts. I don't know if the L.A. chapter has quarterly newsletters or just what, but that will be a .pdf emailed to you unless you change your preference for that in your member profile on this site to get one that's printed & snail-mailed. Presumably somebody in the L.A. chapter contacts could email you the most recent one if asked; you can see the most recent and past Roundel online through this site in the meantime until you start getting yours in the mail.

    Forum participation here can be kinda sparse, so whether anyone local happens to be on is just a matter of chance - if you were in Ohio, I could tell you all about what's going on here! ;)
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    Welcome to the club and forums!

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