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Discussion in 'E36 M3 (1995-1999)' started by florin0001, Apr 6, 2011.

    florin0001 guest

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    hello to everyone:) im a new member and also new owner to 97' M3 sedan 5 speed techno violet. i have a quick question if anyone can help me i'll really appreciate ... my M3 back springs are broken and of course i want to replace it front and back ...what should i buy ?wich brand ? any suggestions? OEM or aftermarket?the car drive perfect , i just switch the winter tires with the summer tires ...i hear sometimes tire noise from back of the car ( not loud) after i install the summer tires wich are 17'' ! With winter tires 16'' there is no noise at all
    thank you very much:)
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    If you have no desire to lower the car or change it's stock ride quality and handling characteristics, then there's no reason to do anything other than replace the broken parts with BMW/oem parts.

    If you want to change out the suspension all around, be aware of the compromises, there are some downsides to lowering springs, sport shocks, stiffer bushings, etc.

    - less clearance; easier to damage front airdams, or scrape the undercarriage over speed bumps and curbs.

    - increased harshness in ride quality; bumps, road irregularities, etc. will be much more noticeable, potentially to the point of jarring - depending on what you're willing to tolerate, you may or may not find the end result of any modifications acceptable, compared to the stock suspension.

    Lowering a car for aesthetics only typically means forfeiting much of it's every-day liveability and comfort; if there's a specific purpose behind the suspension modifications, such as optimizing the vehicle for track or auto-x events, you may find the trade-offs perfectly acceptable, or at least tolerable.

    If your rear tire is rubbing due to the spring issue, I'd think that would be something visible on either the tire/wheel or the car body; noises could be any variety of things - get your suspension in order and you can better diagnose what may be going on there.

    Welcome to the club and the forums! :)

    florin0001 guest

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    thank you very much for info ,you have been very helpful:)
    i will just go ahead and change the broken springs with OEM parts
    thank you one more time :)
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    You broke a spring and you're still driving the car? I am not surprised you get noise. Something's probably rubbing a tire.
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    steven s

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    May want to replace your shock mounts too while you are at it.

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