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New member with a few questions.

Discussion in 'E85 Z4 (2002-2008)' started by Skipb, Apr 20, 2015.

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    Hello to all.very impressive website. Just bought a 2006 z4 3.0I. My first Bmw in 37 years. Bought a new 320I in 78. Marriage, kids and such, well you know. I really love this car it's so minimalistic. Bare bones roadster. I miss my satellite radio,so is there a way to connect my iPod? And I would like a little throaty exhaust. Any suggestions?
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    Welcome to the club & forums, & back to bimmer-dom, congrats on the Z4 acquisition!

    I don't know all exhaust options available - BB Billy Boat I've heard that many find obtrusively loud, don't know if they have one for your model. Stainless is expensive, but very long-lived. Not sure if this supersprint system deletes the catalytic converter or not, but I'm sure Turner could answer that question. Supersprint is nice, and high quality, sounds good without being ridiculous (at least for me, totally different car though, '87 325is).


    Check these guys for audio solutions -

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    There are a couple options for exhaust yes the billy boat or the supersprint depending on personal preference. I would suggest try to find some videos of both these exhaust on youtube and making a decision yourself. The super sprint does replace the resonator (which is like a second muffler) it does not delete the cats they are built into the exhaust manifolds. The billy boat does not from what I remember. remove the resonators. I have seen some people go the cheap route and just remove the resonators and it sounds pretty good. As for the audio stuff like garrison has mentioned with his links above bavsound does have some stuff to help you there. They have something called a media bridge and it is great I have one in my M5. What it does is allows you to have bluetooth music playing, iPod integration, sat radio integration and bluetooth phone calls with siri integration. And it all works with the factory system such as steering wheel buttons. There is no splicing to install it just simply plugs into the cd changer option you vehicle has but if you do have a cd changer then it would have to be disabled. BMW also makes a iPod kit but for the money your better off with the media bridge for sure. Hope that helps and welcome to the club and forums.

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    Thanks guys. I'm going to check out the audio first.

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