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New member in SC

Discussion in 'Member Introductions' started by Cabinum, Jun 2, 2013.

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    Finally joining after picking up my '01 Z3 coupe. Had a 90's vintage 318i Cabrio and a '74 R90/6 but never joined before they left me. I've built and ridden bikes for the last 31 years, and the passion I have for them and the freedom they impart is still strong. I never dreamed a car would ever spark that passion until now. The 318 was our introduction, and was a great way to begin to understand "the ultimate driving machine", but ultimately uninspiring when compared with the joy of riding. The Coupe has changed that. I fell in love back when they were introduced, and never forgot them. When it came time to find another commuter, I knew (almost) what I wanted. Looked at Z3's, Z4's, and Z8 coupes, and always came back to the 3's. I thought I wanted the M, but my 30+ mile commute nixed the manual tranny. I didn't even know there were non-M coupes until I started looking almost 15 years later (I had always naively referred to the '98-'02 coupes as M coupes, thinking there were no others - and for me this is still true). Suffice to say, things have changed. Currently on the hunt for another coupe - M this time - for the track. Happy Trails! image.jpg
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    steven s

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    I still like the E36 Coupes.
    You can get to VIR in just 3 hours. :)
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    Welcome to the club & forums, good hunting!
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    Welcome to the club and congrats on the car!

    mrsbee guest

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    Howdy Cabinum!

    Welcome to this fine, fine forum. What part of Sackalina do you hail from (alright, truth be told I'm just going to throw you straight into the deep end of the inside joke pool - it'll make you feel right at home).

    I'm up in the upstate and loving every minute of it. Recently I did a piece on the "Schuh Syndukut", the Z3 Coupe convention of the East Coast - make sure you make it next year, you won't regret it. Also, are you hooked up with the ZSCCA? Talk to Christopher Wooten, he's amazing and will totally sell you on the club!
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    Satch SoSoCalifortified

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    Yayyyy! Another clown shoe!
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    Thanks all for the welcome! I've been told I'm obsessing! Can you imagine?! Found the Schuh Syndikat meet the day after . . . and will miss Zfest due to prior commitments. Gonna make better plans for the coming year, but hope to meet some of you in the area soon.

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