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New Member Central NJ ( 2nd BMW )

Discussion in 'Member Introductions' started by quiksr20, May 14, 2012.

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    Hello All,

    Just wanted to do a small introduction and let you guys know where a little background on how I landed here.

    I have been into cars since I got my license some 16 years ago ( 33 now ) have had tons of cool
    cars from MKII-MKIV Jetta / Golfs.. Bunch of Sentra SE-R's, Fast RWD and FWD cars etc.

    I have a few hard core BMW guys at my job ( software company ) the one friend races an E36 M3 at NJ Motorsports park and recently bought a 335i after being around that car many times and numerous other BMW's ive always thought about getting one but never did.

    Well fast fwd to last year I had my car I built from the ground up ( turbo sentra se-r ) I know FWD but a really fun all around 90s car that does alot of stuff pretty well. ( 275WHP/235 TQ ). and my daily driver which they would call the japanese 3 series ( 06 G35 6MT - sedan )...

    One late summer night I was having a beer with a friend and he was telling me, My aunt has this car shes gonna donate you may want to check it out. I would take it but I have no room and if you want you can have it... Me, Sure what is it ??? 89 325is Manual ( black / black ) needs some work but its in ok shape.. My eyes light up ILL TAKE IT.. well this is where it begins.. I fixed that car all up and drove for 6 months had a baby in that time frame and just couldn't keep two project cars. The sentra I already invested tons into so I couldn't let that go just had way too much blood and sweat into it.

    I cringed and put the E30 for sale and it sold, When I had that car I fell in love and really started to read and read and get into BMW's more and more... So much more I put my G35 for sale 2 weeks later and now im here. Just picked a CPO BMW 328i. I really wanted a 335i but with the new baby
    and the Sentra to satisfy my speed hunger I thought the 328 was a good choice as long as I got it with the options I wanted.

    Its a 328i Sport Package 6 speed w/ OEM HID's and real leather, Picked it up last week for 22k with 41k miles. Its practically like new and mint.

    Heres a few pics :

    My E90


    My E30 ( sold and missed )


    My Turbo Sentra SE-R


    Car is getting re-sprayed Audi TT Nimbus Grey, Engine bay done already.. ( its a fun car on full coil overs / es bushings / etc ) LSD Diff, Turbo etc


    Hope I didnt bore you guys I tend to write alot but wanted to share my story.. Big enthusiast and really loving this new BMW, The E30 just sucked me in the last bit I needed to buy a newer one.

    Would love to meet any other BMW enthusiasts in the area or know about any events or get togethers etc.

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    Welcome, and thanks for the introduction. Sounds like your car obsession will be around a long time. You are going to you love your E90. I'd be interested in hearing your comparison of the E90 with your G35. Do you track your SE-R?
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    eblue540 Fourth Gen Bimmers

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    Welcome! You have some nice rides in your portfolio. Good luck with the new 328!
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    Satch SoSoCalifortified

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    Welcome to the funhouse! That 328i is one sweeeet ride...if I'm correct, it's the car that Mike Miller thinks is the best all-around BMW available. And the N52 engine (if that's what you have) is a classic!
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    I would be glad to give a comparision shortly as I have only logged a few miles so far, But ill post an update shortly.. Both are great machines but I am already loving this one more and ill get into that in a future post.

    I have drag raced my Sentra a few times for fun, Best time ever was a 12.9@105 as for road racing I have not but I am looking into road racing it eventually, I have a lot of Sentra guys that road race and really enjoy it. Its a peppy little motor same as comes in the Japanese Silvia ( 240sx ) can make a ton of power, Rev 8000RPM etc.
    Mine is pretty basic but a blast to drive.

    Cool I just started about his maintenance plans ( from what I hear they are rules to live by for a happy BMW ), YES N52 really feels like a new version of my E30 325is I use to own. So yes it feels like classic BMW DNA.

    Thank you, Im really loving the new car.

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