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New kid on the block

Discussion in 'E38 (1995-2001)' started by Raymond Kunz, Apr 27, 2010.

    Raymond Kunz guest

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    I recently purchased a 2001 740i with the Sport Package and only 55,000 miles on it. I have had it thoroughly checked over and all maintenance brought up to date. It runs great but I really don't know the details about what I have. Although I am a retired Mechanical Engineer the complexity of this machine has me overwhelmed. Just for beginners, what does the Sport Package include? While I have put new tires on the wider, stock rims and new snows on the extra set of rims that were included, I'm still being warned to not even consider driving in the snow. Is this extreme concern justified? I will appreciate any replies and I'm sure to be back with more questions about "Grandpa's new toy".
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    While I admit that it's probably not the best car to take in the snow, you still shouldn't have a problem with it as long as the roads aren't too bad. Naturally you should avoid the snow drifts and only take it out if the roads have been relatively plowed, but it shouldn't have a problem handling light snow duty with the snows on. The automatic transmission definitely doesn't help in the snow situations, but if things look sane out there, don't be hesitant! This applies to any regular passenger vehicle. Don't need no stinkin' AWD!
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    That depends on what you consider to be "snow" where you live. It may be that you have to park it a few days a year when you just don't want to be out there in anything. Otherwise, it should be capable of almost daily use in at least 3/4 of the US.
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    Sport package typically consisted of the following items:

    Minor occasional snow that's not more than a few inches is typically not much of a concern to these cars, especially if you're deploying snow tires. Just drive prudently according to prevailing weather conditions -- ie.. spinning wheels in the snow just wastes gas and abuses the vehicle. Just plain stupid IMHO. Ease off the gas and proceed slowly, you should be fine. Use your car's traction control if so equipped. Snow tires simply help manage traction in snow -- they don't vaporize snow, nor do they defy the laws of physics.

    If your local area uses salt on the roads, wash the car when weather permits so that water and salt don't team up to corrode your car.

    Sport package exterior clues include:

    M-Pars 18 inch 5 spoke wheels
    Three spoke sport steering wheel
    Special rear bumper cover with dual outlets, one outlet per side
    Side spats

    Some more clues to look for are at these links



    Lastly, you can take the VIN number to the dealer and get a print out of the car's factory options, usually at no charge.
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    Satch SoSoCalifortified

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    Welcome to the funhouse!

    As for the snow-driving issue, the real key is tires. . . period. Decent snow tires on all four corners---like studded Hakkapeliittas, arrh arrh ARRH!---and you're in bidness.

    Actually, many winter drivers prefer an automatic, too.

    In short, your Sport should not doom you to exile in San Diego, where the roadster and I sit and dream of snow. . . NOT! :p

    PGRAY guest

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    '01 Sport

    Your hot rod differs from other 7 series in three important ways - sport suspension, Steptronic tranny and a higher ratio differential. It also has sport seats which may or may not be a plus.

    Despite the fact that I generally park mine for the winter months I still put four 235/60/16 Continental Winter Extremes on the corners so I can drive it should the spirit moves me. I live in NE NY where winters can be quite exciting; the 4B (big bad bavarian bitch) has no problem moving through whatever it faces; but admittedly, the Cherokee handles most of the winter driving chores.
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    The worst of it is everyone else. Even if the car handles it perfectly, others may have problems and it only takes a tiny crash to total this car. The parts are so expensive that it can't handle a crash and it's just not worth the danger.

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