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New Guy. Austin, Texas

Discussion in 'Member Introductions' started by Apex000, Apr 26, 2010.

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    Hello everyone! I'm T'erre, i live in Austin, Texas and I drive a 1999 BMW 328i convertible.

    When I turned 17 years old, my first car was a 1991 Acura Legend Coupe and boy i loved that car. My dad owned a 1995 Acura Legend LS Coupe 6spd in 1995 and I remember telling myself that the Legend was going to be my first car. . . long story short, i sold the car early March of 2010 in search of something with a manual transmission , fun to drive, attractive and it had to be RWD. . . I wanted a BMW.

    Well, on March 15th 2010 my Mom and Dad surprised and bought me my first BMW for my 20th birthday. it's funny , because when my dad sold his 1995 Legend coupe, he purchased his first BMW in 2004, it was a black 2003 540i sport with a 6speed manual.

    here's a little info on my car:

    1999 BMW 328i convertible
    purchased with 63,300 miles , currently has 64,980 miles
    5spd manual


    the bad:

    -the motor for the convertible top , just recently went out.
    -and the car has a bent nose panel and a small dent on the hood (see picture)

    Would like to thank the person who did that. . .:mad:

    Thanks for reading. :)

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    Welcome T'erre

    Nice looking car, despite the shortcomings.

    Think of the car's flaws as your initiation to BMW DIY university.

    You might want to consider purchasing a Bentley Publishing repair manual for your car as well as an investment in a toolbox and tools.

    Driving these cars are a lot of fun, and if you have the right attitude about it, fixing them up can be an exciting learning experience too.

    The dent in the hood you could probably repair with some body filler and sanding. That bumper panel though, you might do better replacing it. See diagrams.

    Cheers and welcome!

    No. Description Supplement Qty From Up To Part Number Price Notes
    01 COMPLETE LEFT ENGINE SUPPORT 1 09/1994 41118209935 $375.10
    01 COMPLETE RIGHT ENGINE SUPPORT 1 09/1994 41118209936 $375.10
    02 SECTION OF LEFT ENGINE SUPPORT 1 41118122551 $201.79
    02 SECTION OF RIGHT ENGINE SUPPORT 1 41118122552 $201.79
    03 EXTERIOR LEFT ENGINE SUPPORT 1 41118168909 $54.83
    03 EXTERIOR RIGHT ENGINE SUPPORT 1 41118168910 $54.83
    05 SUPPORT FOR SHOCK ABSORBER 2 41138168907 $4.88
    06 SUPPORT FOR LEFT RADIATOR 1 41118122557 $7.52
    06 SUPPORT FOR RIGHT RADIATOR 1 41118122558 $7.52
    07 LEFT STABILIZER SUPPORT 1 10/1991 41118151121 $19.84
    07 RIGHT STABILIZER SUPPORT 1 10/1991 41118151122 $19.84
    10 Supporting strut, front wall left 1 41118122547 $53.05
    10 Supporting strut, front wall right 1 41118122548 $53.05
    12 FRONT PANEL 1 41138122560 $238.89
    13 STRAIGHT FRONT CROSS MEMBER 1 41138132178 $67.89
    16 Torx bolt ISA ST6,3X14 2 41358152737 $0.42
    19 EARTH PIN M8X12 ? 41118176577 $1.68
    19 EARTH PIN M6X12 ? 41118367249 $1.85
    21 FRONT PANEL 1 09/1996 41338225981 $138.60
    For vehicles with
    Headlight cleaning system
    21 FRONT PANEL 1 09/1996 41338225982 $138.60
    22 Hex head screw ST6,3X13-C-Z2-Z 4 07119901359 $0.36

    Second diagram

    No. Description Supplement Qty From Up To Part Number Price Notes
    01 Hood 1 41618135346 $485.65
    02 LEFT ENGINE HOOD HINGE 1 06/1993 41618175001 $41.12
    02 RIGHT ENGINE HOOD HINGE 1 06/1993 41618175002 $41.12
    03 LATERAL ENGINE HOOD SEALING 1195 MM 1 51718165273 $21.42
    04 REAR ENGINE HOOD SEALING 790 MM 1 51711977438 $16.07
    05 LATERAL ENGINE HOOD SEALING 1195 MM 1 51718165273 $21.42
    06 FRONT ENGINE HOOD SEALING 1 51238207821 $18.29
    07 Hood catch 1 51238130865 $23.32
    08 Torx-bolt with washer ISA M6X14 4 51238165153 $0.65
    09 Torx-bolt with washer ISA M6X9 6 51238165044 ENDED
    10 LEFT LOWER PART OF HOOD LOCK 1 51238122269 $16.70
    10 RIGHT LOWER PART OF HOOD LOCK 1 51238122270 $16.70
    11 PHILLIPS SCREW F PLASTIC MATERIAL TS 5X13 1 07146959892 $0.30
    12 BOWDEN CABLE LEVER 1 51231928469 $3.20
    13 Hex head screw ST4,8X16-ZNS 2 07119901294 ENDED
    13 Hex head screw ST4,8X16-ZNS3 2 07119901299 $0.25
    14 Expanding nut ST 4.8 2 63121374075 $0.23
    15 ENGINE HOOD MECHANISM 1 51231977450 $32.05
    16 UPPER PART OF HOOD LOCK 1 51238122267 $15.73
    17 Gas pressurized spring 280N 2 51238119558 $45.59
    18 Clamp 2 51231928068 $1.13
    20 Bowden cable 1 51231977391 $20.57
    21 Hex bolt with washer M6X16-Z2 8 07119900574 $0.36
    21 Hex bolt with washer M6X20-Z2 8 41618191886 $0.53
    22 Shim 2 41618151880 $0.58
    23 Shim 2 41618151880 $0.58
    24 Securing plate 4 51231908430 $1.72
    27 Stop buffer 1 51231977541 $0.95
    29 Covering cap SCHWARZ 1 51181823474 $0.21
    31 Clip

    Is this the broken motor? Third diagram

    Part #20 or Part #11? (Hope it's not part #20). Keep in mind that a 3rd party retailer may charge you less than this, and you can use your BMWCCA discount.

    No. Description Supplement Qty From Up To Part Number Price Notes
    01 TRANSFER LEVER F TENSIONER 1 54348174834 $157.28
    02 MAIN COLUMN TRANSFER LEVER 1 54348174835 $88.43
    03 COUNTERSUNK HEAD SCREW M8X50 1 07119900697 ENDED
    04 TORX-COUNTERSUNK HEAD SCREW ISA M4X8 1 54348201103 $3.12
    05 Flat washer 1 54348174836 $5.72
    06 Bush 2 54318163052 $3.40
    07 Flat washer 1 31351128229 $2.82
    08 Hexagon screw with flange M10X20 1 07119900698 $1.27
    09 Hex bolt M10X25 1 07119913834 $0.71
    10 Flat washer 1 51318174832 $2.78
    11 FOLDING TOP FLAP DRIVE 1 67618353577 $610.83
    12 MOTOR BRACKET OF FOLDING TOP FLAP 1 51258161694 $17.59
    13 Lever 1 51258151879 $12.56
    14 Clamp A6 2 07129934910 $0.66
    15 Lever 1 51258151877 $33.51
    16 Lever 1 51258151878 $19.40
    17 Clamp A5 2 07129934906 $0.53
    18 COUNTERSUNK HEAD SCREW M5X40 1 07119900823 $1.09
    19 Torx bolt ISA M6X16 4 51258179956 $1.09
    20 FOLDING TOP DRIVE 1 67618353576 $733.00
    21 Hex nut with plate AM6 4 02/1999 07129946301 ENDED
    21 Hex nut with plate AM6-ZNS 4 07129900681 ENDED
    21 Hex nut with plate AM6-8-ZNNIV SI 4 07129904553 $0.64
    22 Flat washer 6,4 4 07119931044 $0.58
    23 Circlip D10,0 1 07129934329 $0.71
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    Thank you for the information! i called the local BMW dealer and they have a nose panel in stock, i can mark that off my list. i never knew the Bentley manuals were so expensive, oh well.:rolleyes:

    Eventually i would like to buy a hardtop for my car, which cost around $1,800 am i correct?
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    These prices are just estimates on dealer prices

    Best bet is to contact a dealer and give them the part number to enter into their system.

    As far as the Bentley manuals are concerned, it's been my experience that you really do get what you pay for, and with that, you DON'T get what you DON'T pay for. These manuals are extremely comprehensive and illustrated. That level of detail is what you're paying for. Short of ordering the official technical manuals from BMW (which would cost you at least as much, if not more than, the Bentley), it's probably the one of the most useful tools a DIY'er can get for their vehicle.

    Yes, you can get a hardtop for it. However, if you're going to go the hardtop route, IF your car was not originally equipped with the hardtop, you're going to need a hardtop retrofit kit. See the ebay page link. It says:

    A BRAND NEW FACTORY BMW HARDTOP INSTALLATION KIT; the REQUIRED kit includes all necessary BMW oem hardware and electrical for an easy "plug and play" DIY installation, with "PRICELESS" instructions with factory diagrams. The dealer installation process takes 3 hours and can cost as much as $500 for parts and labor, not mention your hassle of an appointment and waiting. With these simple DIY instructions, it took me only 20-25 minutes.

    This installation kit is REQUIRED for all BMWs that did not come with factory installed hardtops! The kit allows the two roof pins into the car body - most important for a secure airtight seal!

    All BMWs are pre-wired to accept the reading lights and heated window defroster plug ins.

    FYI: this is a ONE TIME INSTALL; once installed, the mounting and removal of the hardtop only takes 5 minutes. Electrical connections never need to be fooled with again once plugged in at installation.


    Some BMW owners are reporting that the hardtops are no longer available from the dealer. However, they're quite plentiful used, and they're typically priced between $500 and $1,500. There's supposed to be a rolling cart stand that's supposed to come with it. To avoid damaging your hardtop, I don't recommend buying a hardtop without it. I also recommend getting some kind of hoist. While they're not that heavy weightwise, this is a very large bodypart. In absence of a hoist, I recommend enlisting a second pair of hands to help you handle it when mounting or removing it from the car.

    How's your regular convertible top fabric doing? The rest of the mechanism?

    Ryan323i guest

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    Nice ride man, and low miles too! The Bentley manual is definitely worth it, I got it as a Christmas gift from my parents. Enjoy the car!
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    Sir , you have been extremely helpful! thanks a lot for the information. do you know where i could purchase a Bentley manual? or is it only available by ordering online.

    The fabric on my convertible top is in excellent condition, Wednesday i'm going to the BMW of Austin dealer to purchase a Soft-Top cleaner so that fabric will stay in that condition, along with the nose panel.

    Thanks alot! the low miles were a BIG plus for me. I'm definitely going to purchase a Bentley manual , bcweir said it best "you really do get what you pay for, and with that, you DON'T get what you DON'T pay for"
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    You may be able to find a used copy on Ebay or in the Roundel classifieds

    Used copies are cheaper, but they're also a bit of a gamble, as you don't know if you're going to get a damaged copy with missing pages or not.

    B. Dalton's, Barnes & Noble's, Borders, and Half-Price Books bookstores MIGHT have them in stock if you prefer to not order online or wait for shipping. Make sure it says Bentley and not Haynes or Chiltons. Those two are usable at best, but they're not Bentley manuals and IMHO, not the same thing.

    I prefer a fresh copy though. You can order it directly from http://www.bentleypublishing.com

    I found you the link for your car. I know that yours is a 1999, but BMW didn't change the E36 convertibles a whole heck of a lot in their final production year, so nearly all of the info in the book should still be relevant to your vehicle.


    According to the link, the manual for your car is a relative steal at $79.95 plus shipping. I paid nearly $120 for my new copy (all 976 pages of E32 informational GOLD). By the way, be prepared for the size and weight of this book -- it's pretty substantial, but not likely to break your wrist or fingers when you pick it up. The joke I tell people about the Bentley is that it's called a Bentley because it weighs nearly as much as the Bentley automobile! That's an exaggeration, but it's worth every penny for all the information packed into it.

    See the weblink for a sample of what you're in for.

    It's completely illustrated, everything is step by step, and it's generally spot on for accuracy. It even tells you the proper torqueing specs to keep you from breaking something from overtightening (or worse, not tightening something enough). I bought a torque wrench for my car (it clicks when something is tightened to the spec I set).

    One thing I CAN promise you -- the book pays for itself in the $$ dealer labor costs you save from your first DIY job using this book. Last time I heard, dealer labor rates are north of $100 an hour. That would pay for your manual and a very generous meal with beverage.

    One DIY job I handled with this book is that my instrument panel was acting screwy: my gauges wouldn't come on until the car idled for 5 minutes, and my trip odometer would reset to 0 miles each time shutting down the car. Dealer wanted $700 to replace the cluster on my 1988 750iL. I discovered the problem was in 5 capacitors that had burned out. Replaceable for 30 cents each. Did that and threw another ten dollars in bulbs for good measure. Bentley showed me how to remove my airbag wheel and cluster for the repair. My gauges are good as new now. $700 for a new cluster indeed! I fixed my gauges for less than $15 and two hours of my time. Not even a used cluster on Ebay can beat that price.

    Anyway, didn't want to ramble. Several other BMW enthusiasts will vouch for this expensive-but-worth-it book's value.

    Congrats on your car and keep us posted on its progress.

    By the way, I also visit a very helpful forum called http://www.bimmerboard.com. The Bentley book is helpful, but sometimes a human touch is needed when you get stuck, and you need a flesh and blood human being to fill in the gaps.

    Take care
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    nice looking car, if possible, I'd try to pop the dent out from the back before doing anything else, worse case scenerio is you need a little bit less body filler than you would have
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    Thanks , i will defiantly keep everyone updated .

    True. i may try it. i may end up needed a new hood someone told me, if that's the case . It is , what It ls.
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    Welcome from a fellow Texas owner.
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    If you don't mind me saying so, your hood looks just fine

    That dent doesn't look too bad. A few taps with a ball-end body hammer on the INSIDE of your hood (UNDER the dent), a little body filler, sanding, primering, then some touchup paint, I think your hood will be just fine. Tap carefully.

    You could probably come up with a much better use for that $500 a new hood will otherwise cost you.
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    Thank you!

    Definitely , that $500 saved will go towards wheels & tires.
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    Satch SoSoCalifortified

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    Welcome indeed!

    And from another honorary Texas Road Monkey. . .
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    Thank you sir :D
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    Maybe one day we'll get you to enjoy Shiner Beer!!

    Do you still have a Texas Roundel on Woadster?

    BTW - Those crazy Road Monkeys that got engaged at O-fest (me) are getting married on June 4th, so no need to perform any wedding ceremonies at O-fest this year.:D
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    That's too bad because the front straight at Road America will more than accommodate everyone you'd invite ...

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