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New BMWCCA Member / Z4 owner has a few questions

Discussion in 'E85 Z4 (2002-2008)' started by renandjulia, Jun 25, 2008.

    renandjulia guest

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    Hi Everybody.

    I just joined the BMWCCA. I had a '71 2002 (White w tan leather) back in the late 80's, and I have 3 BMW motorcycles, but I haven't owned a BMW auto for awhile. I'm presently buying a 2003 Z4 w 33K on it.

    1. Is there a dedicated Z4 owners group?

    2. About the run flat tires. I like the design and build quality of the Z4, but a job I had years ago driving Bobcats down in the holds of aluminum ore tankers left me with a susceptibility to motion sickness. I don't puke, but it doesn't take much to make my head feel odd. BTW, riding motorcycles doesn't trigger this at all, since the lean angle is always directly proportional to the speed of the turn, so there's no side to side pulling.

    Anyway, I hear folks complaining about the ride and handling of RFT's. Have any Z4 owners put other traditional tires on the Z4 and just put a good tire inflation device in the trunk? I know an inflation device wouldn't help with a sidewall flat, but I'm a AAA member.

    Any suggestions? Directions? Rude comments?


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    Your on the right track

    Ren, and Geri,

    Welcome home. We all hope you enjoy the club, please get involved with your local chapter I think you will find it very rewarding.

    Yes, the runflat tires have not turned out to be the answer for cars that have been repackaged for no spares. Doing what BMW did with the Z3's and M3's is exactly the way to go. I have done this with several customers BMW's. First get a mobility kit like the one form Michelin or Continental, and then your choice of non-runflat tire. I'm partial to two brands of street tires myself. Michelin or Yokohama. Tire Rack is a good source for all of the above. Talk to Jerry at ext.376, tell him I sent you,he'll fix you right up.

    I'm sure the above will make you love your Z4 even more, great choice BTW.


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    Car club for Z cars

    ZSCCA is a club for the Z cars. Check it out.

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