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new 335d owner, i think my car has a gremlin..

Discussion in 'E90/E91/E92/E93 (2006-2011)' started by slayton, Oct 9, 2011.

    slayton guest

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    i did a search on both issues here, and got no hits, so here goes.

    brand new 2011 335 owner, and i love the car so far.


    I'm not even at 700miles yet, and my car acting up.

    issue 1 - i can't add gas at all to the car. there is a metal bar blocking the intake to the gas tank that prohibits me from inserting the gas nozzle.

    i called BMW roadside assistance, and apparently this is a know issues on the gas models but the 1st time they had heard of it on the diesel. he claimed that if you stop the car, lock it, and let it sit for 5m it might clear. we tried that twice, letting the car sit for 30+m both times, no dice.

    issue 2 - every idiot light related to the braking system just lit up. ABS, DTC, and brake light are all on and won't turn off. again, this issue sticks after turning the car off and on.

    i already have a service appointment for tomorrow AM at the dealership, but wanted to see if anyone has heard of such a thing before?

    I'll answer several questions that i imagine will be asked up front.

    -car is stock, no modifications of any type have been made
    -car has not been wrecked, dinged, etc. at all
    -car has under 700m on it
    -car has been babied on the 700m so far as it's still getting broken in

    TIA for an information
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    issue #1

    WIth regarding to issue #1, you want to be sure the diesel nozzle is the one designed for passenger vehicle & not for the truck. Otherwise, you might have to use the adaptor that comes with your 335d.

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