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Need help deciding 530 or 540?

Discussion in 'E39 (1997-2003)' started by splibsbmw, Sep 28, 2009.

    csxander guest

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    As an owner of 2003 540i6 with the MSport pkg I would be interested in that information too.

    BTW I have 18" wheels that are the same as the 7 series is that also a feature of the MSport pkg?
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    All 540i 6spds for 2003 came with the sport package as they did in prior years. For 03 they changed the front and rear bumper covers, rear exhaust tip, and went to 18" wheels. Although the wheels look similar to the 7-series wheels, they have the E39 unique 74.1mm center bore diameter and different offsets.

    vtx guest

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    Apparently so. Dealership was very elusive when I asked about wheel selection, so I ended up with "default" style 37 (http://bmwtips.com/tipsntricks/wheels/BMWWheels.htm), but if I remember correctly you could get the M5 style 65 for extra $$$.
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    Not on the 540i...at least not from the factory. Any dealer would have gladly ordered the M5 wheels through parts channels and charged you appropriately for them though I would imagine.

    c019740 guest

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    From this website:


    There were 3,306 model year 2003 BMW 540s made for the entire world. Only 2,185 made it to the USA.

    Of the 2,185 540s that came to the USA, only a fraction were the sport model. 147 were Sterling Gray 6 speeds and 408 were Sterling Gray automatics. There were
    980 2003 Sterling Gray sports delivered worldwide. 48 went to Canada.

    Compare this to over 30,000 ordinary 520, 525, 530 etc. model BMWs made for 2003. 2,185 includes all 540s.

    Your 540 Sport is more exclusive than almost anything, and is really made by a premium marque. BMW is made by BMW. Many names that used to be great are today owned by and made of parts scavenged from generic brands. ......................

    I just purchaced my Sterling Gray 2003 Sport from the source of this data.

    AnotherGeezer_530i guest

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    Same brakes too.

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